Shopping With Your Daughter for a Formal Dress (like Prom?) – Follow These Tips!

Shopping With Your Daughter for a Formal Dress (like Prom?) – Follow These Tips!

While prom is still quite a ways off, Winter Formals are here and it’s time to prep your daughter – or if anything, use this formal dance as a trial-run for prom. Afterall, a prom is one of the most important events in a girl’s life to date. She will be spending lots of time on the bigger details such as dress, hair and make-up but when it comes to the smaller essentials, all may be forgotten until the last minute. 

The biggest essential; the dress, plays a huge role in your daughter’s overall experience. However, many girls shop late in the game and still can’t find that wonderful two piece or the stunning cut out dress they crave. The Prom Dress Shop has an array of cheap two piece dresses you can choose from that are bound to fit your daughter’s style preferences.

So, let’s say for now the formal or prom dress and all of the big details have been finalized before the big day. What’s the essentials every girl needs to make sure she has the best night possible?


Bobby pins and mini hair spray!

No matter how well you prepare the hair, a night full of dancing will make it hard to keep things in place. Packing a few hair essentials will go a long way and keep your daughter prom-ready.

Lip gloss and lipstick

You’ll want to pack a few make-up bits in the clutch bag to top-up over the night. You may even want to cheat and get a lip colour that doubles up as blush so your daughter can stay looking fresh for the whole evening!

Small mirror

Packing a small mirror is a must for any evening let alone a big night like prom. A compact mirror along with some concealer will just give your daughter that extra bit of security even if she doesn’t use it.


Combat the shine and be totally photo ready with some mattifying powder that fits nicely into your daughter’s purse. You just need something tiny so maybe a tester or travel size kit will do just fine, or look for blotting papers. Also, it’s a good idea to buy some waterproof mascara and eyeliner beforehand just encase things get emotional.

Mini sewing kit!

The last thing you want is for a dress disaster to happen but you wanted to be prepared for anything! If your daughter accidently catches her dress on something or a rip happens when someone accidently steps on it, your daughter will be glad to have a small kit in her bag for a little emergency DIY repair. Some pins will be included which allow for a quick and easy repair to keep things looking the way they should.

Body Spray

Perfume and deodorant is a must-have at prom. With over a hundred people dancing away for hours, things can get hot in the venue. It’s always a good idea to pack some deodorant or spray to keep smelling wonderful throughout the night.

Of course, the camera!

Whether it’s your mobile or a digital camera, you’ll want to ensure your daughter has this area covered to be photo-ready for prom.


Fresh breath is probably the last thing you’ll think about but is important after eating or as needed.  


Your daughter’s shoes may have felt comfy when she tried them on for ten minutes in the store but let her try dancing and walking on them for a whole evening! You want to make sure if any blisters occur they are dealt with right away so your daughter isn’t hobbling around for hours.

Nail Polish

Your daughter may want to add a bit of shine and touch up on her nails during the evening. A clear polish will do the trick!

With all these things to think about, you may think the list never ends. However, these are just small essentials but the biggest one is to remind your daughter it’s all about having a wonderful night!