Traveling with Kids: Packing Practical and Kid-Friendly Clothing

Traveling with Kids: Packing Practical and Kid-Friendly Clothing

Aside from education, travel is another priceless gift that parents can give to their children. Traveling together as a family strengthens the bond between one another and builds lasting memories your kids will treasure as they grow older. However, there are often challenges involved when traveling with children, especially if they are still young. 

Fortunately, if you come prepared for these eventualities, you can alleviate most of the stress that usually comes when traveling with kids. With proper foresight and preparation, you can relax, keep calm, and take the time to enjoy the trip with your children.

If you’re about to travel with your kid or kids soon, this article may just be what you need. Read on and find out about the things you should keep in mind when packing clothes for your kids.


Things to Consider When Packing for Your Travels

Before deciding what to put in your family luggage, consider these essential factors that could affect your packing choices. In addition, think about your family’s outfit essentials. Buying shop hosiery, for instance, is a much better option for office wear than as a vacation essential. The same goes for outfits with bulky and heavy fabric like leather and wool.


Climate and Weather

One of the first and major considerations when packing for a family trip is understanding the destination’s climate and weather conditions. 

While they are not always reliable, weather apps can help give you a ballpark estimate of the kind of weather conditions that you can expect when you go to another country. Australia, for instance, is known for having opposite seasons to northern countries. As such, when Canadians are shoveling snow in December, the sun is scorching in the Land Down Under. Meanwhile, tropical destinations may have rainfall forecasts, but expect the weather to be unpredictable with the sun and rain battling it out the whole day. 

Whether it’s packing lightweight outfits for a tropical escape or layering options for a destination with varying temperatures, aligning your children’s wardrobe with the climate ensures they stay comfortable throughout the journey.


Planned Activities

What do you plan to do as a family when you get to your destination? Will you be going to the beach and swimming all day long? Are you planning to hike as a family as you travel from one  campsite to another? All these have to factor into your decision on what to pack for your children. 

A beach vacation requires a lot of swimsuits for girls and board shorts for boys. To protect against the harsh sun, a long-sleeved rashguard may be a good choice. Meanwhile, if hiking is your family’s thing, some long pants may be a good idea to protect your children from insect bites. By anticipating the activities ahead, parents can ensure that their kids are both appropriately dressed and ready for the exciting experiences the trip has to offer. 


Cultural Norms

Respecting cultural norms regarding clothing is another aspect to keep in mind when packing for your kids. Some destinations may have specific dress codes or cultural expectations, and adapting your children’s wardrobe accordingly shows cultural sensitivity. 

Temple in Ubud Bali

In Thailand or Bali for example, you can only visit temples if you are properly dressed, and this may include kids. Often this means covering shoulders and legs, as we did when we visited this temple in Bali.  In the Middle East, citizens and tourists are expected to dress more modestly than they would in the West. Ultimately, parents can strike a balance between practicality and cultural respect by incorporating versatile and culturally appropriate clothing choices for their little ones.


Practical Clothes to Pack for Your Children

When deciding what to pack, choose clothes that you know your children won’t have any objection to wearing. This would eliminate the need for unnecessary struggle when it comes to dressing them up.



T-shirts are a versatile and essential item for any kid’s travel wardrobe. They are comfortable for various activities and can be paired with different bottoms. Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton to ensure your children stay cool, especially in warmer climates. If you’re planning on doing strenuous sports or activities, a moisture-wicking t-shirt may also be a good idea to ensure your kids stay comfortably dry.


Lightweight Jacket

Even if you’re traveling to a hot tropical country, packing at least one lightweight jacket is a must. That’s because buses, trains, and planes sometimes have their air-conditioning at the coldest setting, which could be too chilly for your children.


Shorts and Pants

Even if you have a daughter, shorts, pants, and leggings may be better for traveling than skirts and dresses. With these bottoms, they can freely run around, be comfortable, and properly covered.



Comfortable pajamas are essential for ensuring a good night’s sleep, regardless of the destination’s climate. If you’re staying somewhere comfortable like a hotel room, you can pack lightweight sleepwear for them to change into. 


Underwear and Socks

Pack enough underwear and socks for the entire trip duration, and consider including a few extra pairs for unforeseen circumstances. Adequate underwear ensures your children remain comfortable and hygienic throughout the journey.


Slippers and Shoes

In most cases, your accommodation may not provide slippers in the right size for your kids, so pack a pair of versatile slippers they can use on the beach or at the accommodations where you’ll be staying. What’s more, to save room in your luggage, you can let them wear one pair of comfortable walking shoes while traveling so you don’t have to pack them.


When preparing your kids’ clothes, you don’t want to underpack but you also want to avoid overpacking since you will likely be carrying everything for them anyway. So, be thoughtful about what to pack and what to exclude. By doing so, you’ll be able to gho on your family adventure well-prepared and stylishly outfitted.