Planning a Romantic Cuba Getaway

Planning a Romantic Cuba Getaway

With Cuba recently opening up to American visitors, my husband and I have been wanting to plan a romantic getaway, yet custom trip information has been hard to come by. A cruise to Cuba was an option, but one-size-fits-all  ‘shuttled in’ tourism is not the unique travel experience we’d like to have. Luckily, I have found that researching activities, lodging and day trips is extremely easy and interesting with

When we go on adventures, we want to meet locals, eat what they are eating and do what they are doing.  Not only does provide detailed information about various locales and activities in Cuba, but it also simultaneously displays lodging options near each area. The website is also free to use, so it’s like I have this great database of information to book and reserve all in one place. Questions and chat are directed to multi-lingual advisors in Cuba, so I know I’m getting the real information I’m looking for.

Planning The Trip

My husband and I have an agreement when we travel; each of us gets to pick a chosen activity! Sometimes we both want to do the same thing, or one of us wants to do something crazy, or the other simply wants to stare at the ocean. Regardless of the choice, the other has to participate! Caring enough to share what the other wants is what fosters a happy and successful marriage.

Here’s a photo of my husband on a recent trip to Ireland. His wish activity was to play golf at a castle! Wish granted!

For this Cuba experience, my husband’s activity of choice is to immerse himself in everything about Cuban cigars. Through the website, I have found several exciting options which would be fun for both of us.

One particular day-trip I found on lasts 8 hours, and ends up at the beach for some rest and relaxation. On this excursion, we would visit the old haunts of Hemingway, Cuban Cigars being made and tour around in a classic Cuban car.

Sounds like the perfect day!

As my husband’s ‘bucket list item’ activity has been planned via, it’s time to plan out mine! My activities are often unique and even a little weird.  Here’s a picture of me on a recent trip to Honduras. My ONLY goal while there was to hold a sloth, and mission accomplished. I’m still reeling from cuteness overload.

After some fun surfing on, I discovered that the pristine region of Viñales in Cuba is calling me. A description from the website assisted my decision:

Tucked into the hills in northwestern Cuba, this small, lovely town is the country’s most scenic spot. Viñales sits within a large valley that’s dotted with sheer-sided, rounded mountains known as mogotes. The whole scene looks like something from the karst landscapes in southern China, and is utterly breathtaking. One look and you’ll be happy that you came here.

Vinales Cuba

Viñales is a destination that fires on all cylinders for me. The town is small, colorful and there are lots of casa particulares (or houses we can rent). There are good restaurants within walking distance in the tiny town, and some even serve vegetarian food and tasty cocktails! I’m already in love!

But, my activity of choice, is to investigate the network of mogotes that dot the land. Under most of these unusual mogotes land formations, are subterranean rivers that run underground through navigatable caves. Some caves offer boat rides, others have museums and restaurants in them. One cave is even said to have a dance club in it! I may not make it to the dance club, but if I just so happen to find it, I may just have to cut a rug with the locals.

And, an extra bonus for my husband, the coveted fields of tobacco for Cuban cigars are grown here!

Optimally, we are looking to take a seven day trip to Cuba. We will split our time between city life (Havana) and rural life. offers a great selection of upscale hotels to smaller bed and breakfast style lodging in Old Havana. We will choose a location where we can walk to museums, dining with live music and of course a bar that Hemingway has thrown back a few adult beverages.

I love that I can view areas of interest across the island, and then the website shows me lodging nearby with rates.

I feel that planning my Cuba trip on takes the stress out of planning, yet lets us be creative with our choices of what to do and where to stay.

If you’re ready to plan a romantic getaway, or even a friends and family trip, definitely check out You will have the power to create your own custom dream vacation and new exciting destinations such as Vietnam, Bali, Myanmar, Tanzania & Chile are coming soon!

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This was a sponsored article by Linqia and, but the opinions are that of my own.  #JourneyAnywhere