Shrooms & Snaps Stir-fry with TECHEF

Shrooms & Snaps Stir-fry with TECHEF

Boiling pasta is pretty easy, right? But sometimes I just have to resort to shortcuts to get dinner out quickly. I love the yaki soba noodles that are precooked and prepacked from health food or Asian stores. All I need to do is quickly stir- fry up some fresh veggies, add some seasoning and toss in my noodles with a bit of liquid.
Disclaimer: I have been given the TECHEF Art Pan to review, however the experiences and opinions are that of my own. I was not compensated for this review.


I used the TECHEF art wok pan to cook up the Shrooms & Snaps stir fry. The high rounded edges make it really easy to toss the veggies in oil and season everything thoroughly. The handle is also insulated, so not pot holder needed.

You Will Need:

1 package fresh snap peas – with ends trimmed

1 container (8-9 large) bella mushrooms

2 cloves fresh garlic, cut up

2 tsp of sesame oil (more added later per taste)

2 tsp of oyster sauce or you can use soy sauce

salt & pepper


How to Prepare:

Add to 2 teaspoons of sesame oil to a pan. I love how the TECHEF pan has a sizing inscription inside the actual pan so I can pour oil into the pan and know how much is in there. Because this pan is non-stick, I don’t need to add a lot of extra oil.

After the pan is heated, I add in the mushrooms and garlic. Saute for several minutes until the mushrooms start to wilt.

Add in the snap peas, oyster sauce and 1/2 – 3/4 cup of water. Saute for a few more minutes.

Add in the soba pasta noodles and cook until the moisture is absorbed. Noodles should be hot and juicy, but snap peas should still be firm. Don’t overcook the peas!

Serve fresh and enjoy!

I received the TECHEF Art Pan in exchange for an honest review and cooking demonstration. All recipes and opinions are that of my own!  You may find the TECHEF Art Pan here. 

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