Spring Break Packing Essentials

Spring Break Packing Essentials
As the weather warms up, I look forward to taking short weekend trips and so appreciate not having to pack bulky clothing.

There are a few essentials that I think have made my carry-on suitcase about as perfect as can be.

Besides basics like jeans, strappy heals, comfy shoes, a long sweater and some light tanks and tees, I like to pack things that dress-up my vanilla ensemble.

1. Scarf – packing a scarf or two can transform basics into a more up-scale put together look. I adore this Blue Jasmine Batik Silk Scarf from NOVICA. It’s lightweight and has a gorgeous pattern that is very eye-catching and will dress up any easy jeans or shorts outfit. Looks great with a sleeveless shirt or even a light sweater. This scarf is also an art piece, so as the complements come rolling in you can offer up some info on the designer! By Yuni Kristina, this elegant scarf is crafted of shimmering silk. She hand-stamps the blue patterns on the ivory textile and adds red and black designs in batik.

Blue Jasmine Batik Scarf by Novica

2. Impact jewelry – I try not to pack expensive jewelry when traveling, as I would be heart-broken if I lost it or it was stolen.  I pack impact pieces such as beaded necklaces and bangles and usually wear simple stud-type earrings and then change out my other accessories. No need to fuss over my earrings in hotel rooms!

3. Skin Care! If you’re going to be in the sun, make sure that your first step of the day is to feed your skin yummy anti-carncinogenic serum high in Vitamin C to fight sun damage. I really enjod Oz Natuals Sea Infused Herbal Moisturizer.  It’s all natural & cruelty free and made up almost entirely of coconut, sea kelp, blueberries & lots of Vitamin C.

Tinted sunscreen – As I like to do carry-on, I like to find 3oz sized make-up and lotions. I love this Oz Naturals tinted sunscreen because it works as both a foundation (& quick tan) and sunscreen to protect my skin. It’s a light formula that doesn’t feel greasy or heavy, which is great for long days out exploring.

4. My Own Towel – When traveling, you can’t guarantee that you’re going to end up with a nice pool or beach towel from a resort. I love this full-sized soft and eco-friendly Turkish Towel by The Bali Market. It is lightweight enough where it can pack easily and dry quickly, yet big enough to cover a beach chair. it’s also super stylish and very trendy right now!

5. A Good Book – I do a lot of reading on my phone and tablet, but there is something so relaxing about reading a real paper book on vacation. I love bending the pages,  getting sand between the spine and smudges of pina coladas on my good reads!

7. A Kimino or Kimono, like the scarf, is another versatile yet easy to pack item for Spring Break packing. I love this Kimino because it has a nice length & looks great paired with jewelry for a tropical dinner out, or just as a wrap by the pool.

Finally, make sure to pack a really good razor that will last throughout your trip and give you nice smooth legs! I recommend the Gillete Venus Razor Swirl! 

Smooth legs on a trip gives me confidence to wear shorts every day!

If I have a little extra room, I will also pack:

8. Comfy fluffy socks! After a long day of touring it’s so nice to put on fluffy spa socks when relaxing in a hotel room or vacation rental.

9. Mini Candle – I’m picky about smells and although I’ve stayed in a lot of nice places, some of the older (we’ll say historical) places can sometimes smell a little musty. I will put a self-contained fragrant mini candle in a safe place and burn it while relaxing. Not only does the new and appealing scent make me relax more, but it also makes it feel more like vacation! I’ll pack spicy scented candles for romantic getaways, especially up in the mountains and I’ll pack floral scents for warmer trips.

These little items help make my trip easier, more stylish and more fun. What are your favorite things to pack? Let me know on my Facebook page! 

I received the Batik Jasmine Scarf & OZ Natural Products at a discount in exchange for an honest review. I received the Gillette Venus Swirl for free for testing, but opinions are my own.

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