Yoga For Kids Infographic

Yoga For Kids Infographic

Yoga is a great form of exercise, but it’s not just for adults. Did you know that you can practice yoga with your kids, too? In fact, it offers children many benefits, including enhancing concentration and managing anxiety. Read on to learn more benefits of yoga for kids and poses your family can try together. 


Positive Mindset

This ancient practice supports positive mental health in kids. For example, when they hold poses, move through a series of poses or sit in meditation, they are calming their minds. This can help reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, yoga can teach children that happiness is found within, which helps promote positive thinking. 


Boost Confidence

Yoga can enhance kids’ self-esteem. For example, when a pose is perfected, children feel strong and empowered, helping to boost their confidence. Moreover, this form of exercise can also enhance children’s memory and focus.  


Child’s Pose

One of the most basic and easiest yoga poses is child’s pose. This forward bend pose helps with flexibility, relaxation and shoulder stretching. You can try this with the family and make it fun by using different color mats. Begin by kneeling on the floor, then lower your torso between your knees. Extend your arms out with the palms facing down


Warrior Pose 

Let your kid feel like a warrior by teaching him or her the warrior pose. Simply lunge one leg forward and put the other one back. Then, bring the arms above the head or parallel at the sides. Don’t forget to hold this pose for a few breaths. 


Mountain Pose

Teach your little one to stand tall and strong by practicing the Mountain Pose. Start by standing straight with your shoulders back. Then, face your palms out and raise your hands above the head so that they are parallel to your ears. 

To learn more about the benefits of yoga for kids, see the accompanying resource. 


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This infographic was created by Kids Car Donations, a car donation organization


Author bio: Kids Car Donations is a national organization that accepts vehicle donations to better the lives of children. The organization partners with a number of well-known nonprofits serving children and teens who are confronted with physical, mental and emotional challenges to provide the care they need.