Teen motorcycle safety tips for worried moms

Teen motorcycle safety tips for worried moms

As a parent, you’re always putting your child’s safety first. Whether that’s making sure they’re wearing a helmet on their bicycle or holding their hand as you cross the street, keeping our little ones safe is all part of being a good, responsible parent. 

Worryingly, as your child grows, they’re going to want more freedom and independence, and while some teens opt for the relative safety of a traditional car, others want to take a more exhilarating approach. Riding a motorcycle means putting yourself in charge of a high-speed vehicle, that is not only smaller and less protective than your average car but is also incredibly difficult for other motorists to spot until it’s too late. 

If your teen comes to you with the idea of owning a motorcycle, depending on their age there may be very little you can do. However, as a mom, your fears and concerns are completely valid. 

With visibility playing a huge part in the thousands of motorcycle crashes on the roads each year – how is pain and suffering calculated in a motorcycle accident case? Click the link to find out – it’s never been more important for motorcycle riders to constantly work on their defensive driving techniques and road safety knowledge. 

Here we’ll examine some teen motorcycle safety tips for worried moms.

What causes accidents?

Knowing the top causes of motorcycle accidents sounds like grim reading. However, if you arm your teen with this kind of knowledge, it may prevent them from taking risks and also make them realise that they’re not as invisible as they might think. The top causes of motorcycle accidents in the country include:

  • Lack of visibility (failure to spot the motorcyclist in time)
  • Speeding
  • Taking risks 

Make sure they have all the right safety equipment

Many motorcycle riders who have survived catastrophic crash injuries credit their survival to their helmets and protective gear. This is why you can’t cut corners when it comes to safety. A high-quality helmet with eye protection, full-body leathers, biker boots and gloves should be the minimum any rider wears. When you consider many victims skid across the tarmac at high speed after a crash, it’s easy to understand why jeans just won’t cut it.

Remind them of the dangers of drink and drugs

Alcohol, drugs and driving just don’t mix and riding a motorcycle after consuming either of these stimulants, will probably result in a crash and even a fatality. 

Make sure they’re taking accredited lessons

Having their uncle teach them how to ride a motorcycle just won’t cut it. Ensure that they’re taking proper lessons with an accredited and experienced instructor. Someone who takes safety seriously and provides defensive driving courses. 

And finally, motorcycle maintenance 

If a motorcycle isn’t maintained properly, then it won’t react the way they need it to. Ensure your teen gets to grips with the very basics of motorcycle maintenance. That way they’ll respect the motorcycle, look after their investment and always have their safety in mind.