Stocking Stuffers That Don’t Suck for 2022

Stocking Stuffers That Don’t Suck for 2022

I love making a stocking stuffed with amazing small gifts that are useful, clever, and don’t break the bank. Here are my top picks for Christmas 2022 – and with fast shipping for you procrastinators.


What? Socks? Yes, socks. These are not ORDINARY socks that look cute for a minute and then fall apart after one wear. These Aromatherapy slipper socks by Aromasoles are SUPER DUPER soft and infused with natural therapeutic oils and are scented!

aromasoles hero

They smell amazing – infused with lavender, rose, cinnamon, and neroli, and they also come in an amazing variety of colors and patterns. After wearing them for mere hours, I realized my feet felt extra comfy as if they were in their own little spa.  Want to get your guy a pair but are worried he won’t like lavender or rose? There are even bourbon-infused socks for men. These socks will also SCENT the Christmas stocking! How fun! Check them out here. Right now you can get free shipping on ALL orders! 



Before you head to the mall or a big box store, did you know you can find brand new jewelry (with the tags on it) at a FRACTION of the price by shopping on sites like Poshmark?

poshmark header

Many sellers on Poshmark have liquidation items so they are able to sell at a very low price, especially since they have no brick and mortar overhead to deal with. Check it out here. 



This is by far my most favorite set (from Amazon!) of lip tints. Most lip tints that I have tried really do stain by lips, but they are left so dry that I have to put lipstick on anyway. This KIMUSE lip tink set is the FIRST lippie that actually tints and moisturizes. I gave one to my daughter and even she was super impressed – and she’s VERY picky about her makeup. It’s 6 lip tints for $20, so a great value, especially if you want to break up the set and put one per stocking.

lippie tint

I have found that all of the colors are useful as well! The only negative is that you’ll go through these really fast, but at this price point who cares! Or, gift the whole set of 5 and really make someones day! Find it here. 


Do your loved ones love Smoothies? Give them Smoothies on the go with the convenient BlendJet 2! USB charged, you can take these little handy blenders anywhere and make a smoothie on the spot. They also just came out with a Disney collection (see the Toy Story Aliens below). How CUTE is this? Check them out here. 

Blendjet for CHristmas


Food Gift Cards

Everyone loves and needs food! Many restaurants offer incentives to buy gift cards around the holiday season. Usually you can get some free gift card money if you buy a certain amount, like buy $100 and get $20 free. Take advantage of these deals now! You know you’ll use it over the next year, and everyone loves the flexibility of gift cards. As a San Diegan, I always recommend gift cards to my favorite Fish Taco jaunt, Rubio’s.

Rubio's Gift Cards make awesome stocking stuffers

You may buy gift cards online (lots of different designs) and they are offering a $5 Free Gift Card for every $25 purchased. What an awesome deal!

Hand Sanitizers

Tis the seasaon for fun and the flu (sadly). Flu season rages in most parts of the country through March, so I try to include a cute little hand sanitizer in my stockings. I LOVE the Olika ‘birds’  – the design is super cute and their scents are natural smelling, not fakey or sticky.

You may find Olika sets online or at your local Walmart for about $5 each.