Mother’s Day Gestures as a Gift: Outdoor Relaxation Station

Mother’s Day Gestures as a Gift: Outdoor Relaxation Station
As a Mother, I can tell you that going out to Mother’s Day Brunch at a crowded restaurant is mundane cattle-call torture. It’s not intimate and it feels forced. Long lines, poorly prepared food and tables jammed in together like sardines is not a peaceful way to celebrate Mom! There, I said it.

Instead of spending a lot of money on an overpriced Brunch where Mom will probably just get the Noro Virus from shared utensils at the Buffet, why not create a ‘Mother’s Day Gesture’?

Children will often make their Mom’s Coupon Books as gifts. The coupons promise foot massages, doing chores on time, making Mom’s bed and other sweet gestures. However, most Mom’s never collect on these coupons. They sit as a sweet reminder of our children’s good intentions in a memory box, or errm….or a kitchen drawer (oops).

Dads, older and adult children, this is where you come in. Create an atmosphere event for your wife or Mom. This event can be an hour or several hours, but it should involve Mom relaxing and enjoying herself.

Here’s an idea:

The Outdoor Relaxation Station

Depending where you live, create an area at your home or patio that is quiet, pretty and relaxing. Here’s an example of an outdoor space that is easy to set up and Mom will love it. Move a bench or chair into a quiet area of your yard, patio or terrace. Unless Mom is a sun lover, a shaded area is nice if possible so she doesn’t get too hot. Provide a comfy cheery colored pillow and throw blanket, books, new juicy magazines and refreshments. You may use items that you already have on hand, as it is the thought that counts, or you can create a space with new items to really make her feel special. Lead her to her Relaxation Station and tell her to rest and enjoy for at least an hour! No interuptions, no questions, no noise!

This brightly colored pillow is sure to make any Mom feel happy. This orange & blue vintage starpod patio pillow by UBU Republic* has outdoor fabric and is super comfy. It’s currently available on Amazon for $24.99 – It’s a feel good purchase as well because a portion of the sales goes to fund art programs for youth in the nation. Mom will be happy with your purchase that gives back!

Throw blanket from HomeGoods – they usually have a wide variety of colors and textures around $15-$20. Magazines are around $3-$7 each and budget a little more money for Mom’s special beverage of choice. Total Relaxation Station with items that she can keep and treasure approximately $55.



* I received the UBU Republic pillow at a discount in exchange for an honest review. I have decided to use it in my content as a how to example.



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