More than a Feast: 4 Simple Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving More Meaningful

More than a Feast: 4 Simple Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving More Meaningful

NoIt’s finally November, and you know what that means? Thanksgiving. Relatives from across the country will gather at your place, and you’ll hold a feast that’ll fill everyone’s tummies. It may be stressful especially if you’re hosting, but seeing your family’s satisfied faces after the meal is the best.

However, Thanksgiving isn’t only about the food, nor is it about all the effort you’ve poured while creating your feast. It’s much more than that. It’s about gratitude for everything you’ve received for the year, whether it’s money, food, or even the safety of your family.

So how can you make your Thanksgiving gathering more meaningful? Here are some activities you can consider.

  1. Create a photo wall

What’s the best way to showcase what happened in the past year other than photos?

I love to take pictures of events, special occasions to everyday happenings. You can display these photos on your wall to showcase what’s happened to you in the past year. This can also be a collaborative project. Ask your relatives to send you photos to display in your photo wall. This way, the photo wall doesn’t only talk about you, but also your entire family.

If you’re having a gathering, suggest getting matching outfits or pajamas for an extra fun photo.

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  1. Create a blessings list

As its name suggests, Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. Historically, the holiday was created as a way for the pilgrims to thank God for the bountiful harvest and safety of all members of the community. So it’s only important that we also know how to give thanks for the blessings we received.

You can list down all the blessings you’ve received for the past year. Whether you’ve been accepted into a new job, a salary raise, or simply your child beginning to walk, as long as it’s something positive, include it in your list! 

Then, include what you’ve listed when you say your thanks for Thanksgiving. You can get creative and make a list on a wall for family to make their list and it’s a fun way to make dinner more meaningful and memorable.

  1. Do an act of kindness

We receive blessings everyday, and it’s only imperative that we can share to others as well, not only during Thanksgiving.

But if you want to make your Thanksgiving more meaningful, sharing can be a great way to do so. You don’t have to be like Mr. Beast, but simple things such as donating to your local food bank is enough. This way, you can bring smiles to those in need and contribute to your community.

  1. Say thank you to family and friends

Thanksgiving is an important time to express our gratitude towards our loved ones. After all, they stayed with us through thick and thin!

Giving thanks can be as simple as gathering around the table and saying “thank you” to everyone. Or you can give out thank you notes and cards to people who you’re thankful for. You can showcase your creativity in the thank you notes, just make sure they’ll feel your gratitude in your note!

Thanksgiving is meant to be a way for us to be grateful of all the blessings we’ve received over the past year. It reminds us of all the challenges we went through and overcame as well as the people who stayed with us through these times. Include our ideas in your Thanksgiving tradition and watch your celebration become meaningful. After all, it’s not just about the turkey!