Holiday Stocking Stuffers That People Actually Want 2023

Holiday Stocking Stuffers That People Actually Want 2023

Quality over quantity! That doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money, but if you exchange stockings with loved ones, here are some ideas that are thoughtful and useful. I love finding fun yet useful stocking stuffers and seeing the joy on someone’s face as they reach into the stocking to pull out another surprise. My Mom used to fill in with oranges, which, OK, I guess is traditional, but now I overcompensate by putting COOL things in my stockings! It’s not 1887, OK? 🙂
Here’s this year’s list of Holiday Stocking Stuffers That People Actually Want . Most of these items are purchased individually, but I try to include items that are either sold in bulk or as a gift set so you can pull them apart for multiple gifts.

I’ll update this page through November as I find new and fun items to add to my 2023 Holiday Stocking Stuffer List.  Have a suggestion? Email me here!

Chai Tea by Upton Teas

This set of 4 Chai teas in cans is the PERFECT bulk buy to split up for several stockings. Or, one lucky person can receive all four as the cans are narrow and can slide into a stocking.

Chai Tea by Upton Teas - 4 can set great for gift giving

The variety set is my favorite because there’s something for everyone, including the decaffeinated tea – we all know someone who loves tea but doesn’t want the caffeine all day long!

Tea Talk Conversation Cards

This is the perfect stocking stuffer to pair with teas! Elevate your tea time experience with WeSteep’s TeaTalk Conversation Cards – your ultimate tea table companion.

Tea time conversation cards

This box set contains 150 questions to spark engaging chats with friends, family, colleagues, or even someone you’ve just met. The wide range of questions makes TeaTalk Cards ideal for all ages and occasions. This is a great activity for grandparents to do with their grandchildren!

God’s Gift Plump & Restore Creme by J’s Natural Beauty

Ok, the name is what got me at first, but after trying this ultra-hydrating cream, I’m definitely adding one to my Mom’s stocking this year. (Yeah, the Mom that gave me Oranges.) She’s always asking if I’ve found a skin cream that can hydrate her dry skin, and this God’s Gift Cream is the ticket!

God's Gift Hydrating Day and Night Cream with Sundcreen

This hydrating face cream is packed with natural extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils that stimulate collagen and peptide production. Their skin-tightening properties make fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. The moisturizer also has SPF 30 which shields skin against sun damage and harmful UVB rays, while keeping it well-nourished. It’s an ALL IN ONE miracle cream for those who need moisture moisture moisture!

Regelica Skin Care

Do you have a family member or friend who is K-Beauty curious? There are TONS of great K-Beauty options out there, but this top-of-the-line anti-aging skin starter gift set is a thoughtful place to introduce someone to effective Korean skin care. Regelica is a brand new Korean-made skin care line that harnesses the powers of bakuchiol and other botanical ingredients to achieve the same results as ingredients like retinol but without the irritation, photosensitivity or other contraindications.

k beauty anti-agine gift set for the holidays

Their Mandelic & Edelweiss Renewal Serum exfoliates, stimulates collagen and balances the skin with a combination of 8% mandelic acid, edelweiss extract (a strong but gentle free radical scavenger that is much more stable and less irritating than vitamin C) and resveratrol. It visibly corrects wrinkles, pores and pigmentation which makes it the secret of age-resilient skin! Get the Renewal Serum and the Anti-Aging cream for $135 (on sale) + get another 20% off if you’re a new customer (sign up to get the extra code). Grab it for Mom or get it for yourself!

HERO Clamp

We just got back from a trip to Bali and it was outstanding! (Blog post coming) One of the guys in our group had this handy dandy travel HERO clip and my husband was super jealous. This clip will hang your small items like keys, yet you can flip the one clip arm around and use it to hang your bag or backpack off of a table or bar. It’s a great way to keep your stuff near you and off the floor! These clips are pricey (trust me, I looked for knock-offs!), but I’m getting one for my husband (Shhh) for his stocking because I know he’ll use it frequently and geek out on all of its uses.

HERO Clamp picks for guys Stocking Sruffer


  • HEROCLIP is the world’s first 3-in-1 clip and hook that can hang just about anything, just about anywhere!
  • HANG STUFF SECURELY: Heroclip Mini can hold up to 40 lbs and the rubber tip creates optimal grip so your stuff stays secure.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum measuring at 1.9″ wide, 2.25″ high (closed), Weight: 0.7 oz.


Yes, a bottle of nice wine is always appreciated and conveniently fills up a lot of space in your favorite 21 and over loved one’s stocking.  I am loving the Duck Pond Chardonnary and Pinot Noir wines from the Great Oregon Wine Company.

Duck Pond Chardonnay Wine Reveiw

This Oregon Chardonnay is bright and light with aromas of ctirus and apple. It’s not an overoaked sweet wine (so over those!) This just has a hint of oak with a nice dry mineral finish of lemon and flowers.  It’s truly a lovely wine that is also clean label certified. Clean Label Project Natural Path Certification utilizes elements of traditional natural wine production while allowing for some modern wine production techniques including but not limited to the exclusive use of organic or glyphosate and neonicotinoid-free grapes, allowance of minimal cultured bacteria, and minimal use of added sulfites for shelf-life. The Chardonnay is around $16 & a bottle fits PERFECTLY into a Christmas Stocking!  Find it here.


Dish Linens & Mitts that LAST

I’m so rough on my kitchen and everything in it. That’s why I adore the Our Place collection of pans and kitchen tools. The Hot Mitts are on my fav list as it may not be super exciting, but when you’re cooking and spilling and grabbing smoking hot pans, these mitts are SO APPRECIATED. Anything that lasts a year in my kitchen gets my seal of approval and the Our Place Collection gets the job done.

Our place mit and dish twoels

Premium quality silicone and cotton twill materials offer snug comfort and flexible functionality. The dish towels are super durable and can also last without falling apart. FUN TIP – USE A HOT MITT AS THE STOCKING! Check out the collection here.


Social Media Scrolling Ring 

They call this the tiktok bluetooth remote ring as it helps you easily scroll through videos, but this tool can be used for any media app!

If you like to watch Youtube videos or read E-books, then this little gadget is for you! Keep your hands free as you  help you long range no longer need to use your finger to slide the screen when you scroll on any of the social media app or reading novels. You also can lie down and remote control tiktok page up and down, volume + -, play/pause, send like,keeping your hands free to work yet scroll through content. This bluetooth media remore can help you Launch Siri or Google Assistant, Answer Calls, Control Tunes (compatible with all smartphones,music apps, headphone and bluetooth speakers) Use time lasts for 14 hours from single charge and total 86 hours with charging case. Makes time on the treadmill fly by at the gym!  They come in lots of fun colors too & they are inexpensive – $20 for this cool little techie toy!


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