Tips for Better Health Thru the Busy Winter Season

Tips for Better Health Thru the Busy Winter Season

I love the Winter season – crisp air, cinnamon-spiced foods, snuggly sweaters, holiday decorating and festive parties. What I don’t love? Long busy days with less sunlight, so everything feels rushed. 
To combat the possible stresses that come with a busy winter season, I actively take steps to try to maintain the health of our household. I find that a lot of what goes in our MOUTHS can affect the outcome of our health. Here are some simple habits to implement to stay healthy and feel great.

Tips for Better Health Thru the Busy Fall Season

Watch What Goes In the Mouth!

It’s so important to be aware of what we’re putting in our mouths and this includes food, supplements & hands. 

Make Good Food Choices

Despite the plethora of sugary seasonal treats that are in the household, make sure to sneak in some immunity-boosting vegetables and fruits. I love to eat produce that is ‘in season’ because it often tastes so good! Some great fresh Fall choices would be fresh crisp apples, grapes, squashes or leafy greens.
When cooking greens, try not to overcook them because you don’t want to lose valuable nutrients.

Supplement with Vitamin C

Another great way to naturally support your immune system is to boost the intake of Vitamin C. Taking Vitamin C 250 mg is an easy way to get Vitamin C, and helps support the immune system. Vitamin C is also an essential ingredient in many Milwaukee IV therapy formulas that support health.

Going to be in crowded holiday situations? 

If you are trying to ensure that you stay healthy while navigating crowds of people, make sure to stock up on Biovanta Immunity Respiratory Defense Lozenges! *UPDATE* My daughter And I started to get congested and we started taking these immediately. Both of us were able to knock out whatever what was getting started within a day. Typically we both get sick very easily and it lingers so this is a game changer for us! I am sending her back to college with a big supply of Biovanta!

Drug-free cold relief

These sugar-free lozenges contain a proprietary mucosal immune complex and are ideal for on-the-go situations! At first sign of symptoms, dissolve on lozenge slowly on your tongue and take as needed. It’s pure and natural, and backed by over a decade of science. The creator is a molecular biologist, nature lover, and Mom!  (Sold on Amazon, Walmart and major drug stores!) Biovanta also makes multi-symptom relief cold tabs and sore throat medicine that fight colds and coughs.


Adaptogenic teas with organic Reishi, Chaga, Lion’s Mane are also a great way to support the immune system. “Adapt” means to modify or adjust to new conditions.  To better adapt to the stress presented by their changing conditions, ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic healing techniques have used adaptogenic mushrooms, herbs and spices to support a healthy immune system for centuries.

Don’t forget heart health!

As a busy Mom, I can often forget about heart health, but it is so important to include Omega-3s fatty acids in our diets. Omega-3 provides key nutrients to help support women’s health.

Hands & Surfaces

We often tell our children not to put their hands in their mouths, but adults are often equal offenders touching many public surfaces. We touch shopping carts, then our phones, the steering wheel, contaminating everything in sight. Washing hands frequently is the best way to lessen exposure to germs, but also be aware of what you’re touching. The CDC recommends washing hands for a minimum of at least 20 seconds​ with soap and water. 
I will sanitize my cell phone EVERY DAY – it’s practically an appendage, so why wouldn’t I keep it as clean as I would my hands? It also makes close contact to my face, so it’s very important to wipe down phones, doorknobs, and other frequently touched objects wiped down with sanitizing wipes. Just got home from a crafting party and spy that tempting leftover Halloween candy sitting out on your table?

Keep hand sanitizer in your purse and remember that hundreds of people have touched that menu or table condiments at a restaurant – so clean your hands before eating bread, chips, or whatever else may be presented to you while dining. There are many natural-based hand sanitizer options out there if you are on the go and trying to steer clear from alcohol-based wipes.

Stay Hydrated

Although the temperatures are cooling off, it’s more important to stay properly hydrated. If you don’t love drinking tons of water, try herbal teas. Kids can often neglect their water intake as well, so make sure to find a water bottle they LOVE and encourage a healthy water habit.

Rest Up

Although the days may be getting shorter, we can often miss out on important sleep due to school activities, late-night homework, fundraisers, work, etc. Set a ‘hard-line’ time that you must be in bed by with no distractions such as TV or cell phones. Sticking to this routine will ensure that you get needed rest.

Enjoy your friends and family this Fall Season, but make sure to take time for good health!