Moms & Back Pain

Moms & Back Pain
As a Mom, I feel like I’m constantly doing things to beat up my back. I carry heavy baskets of laundry, gallons of water, bend over doing gardening and other household work. I also sit a lot — either at the computer or while driving. All of these things can be a recipe for back disaster, and I’m no stranger to back pain. Thankfully I’ve found a few techniques and tools so I can self-manage my pain.


Here’s are some simple things to do to combat daily back abuse.


Opening up lower hips and lower back can help relieve sciatica nerve pain. Often as Moms, our hips can get tight and then the pain will slowly ratchet all the way up our backs as we get out of alignment. So, yes – tight hips can actually cause a headache!

Hold the leg against your chest for about 30 seconds. Keep your other leg in a comfortable position – usually against the floor, either straight or bent at the knee.

To add hip-flexing element to the stretch, use your hands to rotate your leg by gently pulling your shin across your body.

Here’s a video with five more quick stretches that are also super effective:

Ergonomic Seat Cushions:

If you work out of the house, spend time on the computer or are busy driving the kids around all day, consider getting a chiro pillow. This specialized ‘Butt Pillow’ 🙂 is called a coccyx cushion. It provides the correct amount of support and relives stress from the tailbone and spine. As it’s made from memory foam, it also prevents that numb feeling that can happen from prolonged sitting.

I recommend either of these based on where you live in the United States.

This is a cooling coccyx pillow as the fabric is more breathable.

The other coccyx pillow has a softer fabric covering which is nice in colder climates. Both pillows are dust mite resistant.

I replaced my current office chair with this pillow and my back feels one thousand percent better after several hours on the computer! I also recommend it for cars where the seat levels can decline. You can place it on the car seat and it actually helps prevent bad posture too, so long drives are comfier and more enjoyable.

ChiroDoc Trigger Point Massager

I think I first saw something like this, it was Shark on Tank and I thought, “What on EARTH is that thing!” But after using mine for awhile now, I know exactly what it is and it’s genius! Many of us non-stop Mamas will get knots between our shoulder blades that will result in tightness thoughout the uper shoulder and neck area resulting in horrible headaches and pain. I often don’t have time or money to drop what I’m doing and go get a massage. This handy dandy tool allows me to put my own gentle pressure on the massager and isolate the tight area on my back that I just can’t reach. Think of a back-scratcher, but for massage. It’s totally effective and you control the pinpoint pressure by how hard you push on it. These are now recommended by physical therapists, yoga instructors, CrossFit instructors, pilates instructors and athletes world-wide so it’s not a late-night cheesy infomercial idea. This is legit and really does work well for self-help back relief.

They are available on Amazon here.


I received the following products in exchange for an honest review, which I have provided. All opinions expressed are that of my own. 

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