How To Maintain Brain Health As A Busy Mom

How To Maintain Brain Health As A Busy Mom

We’ve all heard the term ‘mom brain’. If you’ve found your keys in the fridge and lost your glasses on your head, it’s happened to you too. Whether you have one child or five, mom brain is an inevitable part of being a busy parent. Here’s how to maintain your brain health when you’ve got kids to look after.

Play Word Games

Playing word games like Wordle can help you expand your vocabulary, improve your memory and even boost your concentration. Finding those five letter words can also give you a sense of achievement and be a fun way to start the day. Try doing a crossword or playing an online word game. Investing in quality chess boards is another way to strengthen brain strategy skills and decision making.  Whatever word-based game you choose is a great way to keep your brain sharp and agile as a busy mom. 

Keep On Learning

You might think about going back to school or starting an online course to keep your brain sharp. Try one of Harvard’s free online courses on a topic you enjoy if you are considering returning to education. They cover a wide range of topics from Data Science to Design, so you’re bound to find something you’re interested in. If you’re managing studies around child care, there are many short courses you could try if taking a longer-term course is too time intensive.

Get Outside

As little as fifteen minutes a day in the fresh air can boost your mood and enhance your short-term memory. Sunshine can also help you improve your focus, acts as a form of stress relief, and even strengthens your immunity. Getting outside can take many forms, whether walking around the block, a set exercise routine or even a new hobby. You only need to be out there for as little as fifteen minutes to feel the difference in your mental capacity. 

Try Something New

Kids tend to have their favorite foods; before you know it, you’re eating the same things repeatedly. Change your usual habits and consider making something new for you and the family. Trying something new releases dopamine in our bodies, the hormone that makes us happy but also helps us with memory and movement. Doing something new actually helps you beat mom brain and improve your long-term health.

Socialize With Other Moms

Every parent has done something stupid out of sheer exhaustion and tiredness. Socialize with other moms; you’ll hear their stories of packing their kids off to school without their gym kit or putting their socks in the fridge. Interacting with others helps to stimulate memory and attention, which is a great way to combat mom brain.

As a mom you have a million different things to focus on at any given time. Things are inevitably going to be foggy. But whether you spend five minutes on a word puzzle or talking to a friend on the phone, there are many little steps you can take to maintain your brain health even when family life gets a bit crazy.