When is it considered a Dental Emergency?

When is it considered a Dental Emergency?

When it comes to looking after your teeth, you will want to err on the side of caution, but not all accidents that involve your teeth may be considered as a dental emergency. Seeing a dentist out of hours can be a costly business, so you will only want to visit an emergency out of hours dentist if you have to. You can get plenty of excellent advice on the Health Direct website that covers various dental problems for both adults and children. Below, you can also read which dental issues would be considered an emergency in case you ever have any problems with yours or your family’s teeth outside of regular dental practice hours.

A Knocked Out Tooth

One problem which will need immediate dental care is when a tooth is knocked out from the gum. If possible, you will want to keep the tooth that is knocked out and take this along to the dentist with you. Prolonged gum exposure will increase the risk of potential infections in the mouth, so it is essential to seek dental advice as quickly as you can if you or your family experience a lost tooth. The one exception to this will be if a child loses one of their milk teeth.

A Cracked Tooth

Another situation that may see you need to look for an emergency dentist in Sydney or in your local area is if you fracture a tooth. With a fractured tooth, it is also critical to seek an emergency dentist as soon as you can as without any treatment the tooth could fracture entirely. There could be potential damage done to the nerve of the tooth which could leave you requiring expensive root canal treatment if not looked at quickly. If seen early enough and the damage is not too extensive, a dentist may potentially save the tooth and also save you having to pay more for comprehensive dental treatment.

What To Do In An Emergency

The first thing that you should ensure is not to panic, assess the situation including the pain levels, try and stop any bleeding if there is any. If your regular dentist has an out of hours clinic, then call them immediately. Alternatively, you will have to use the internet to find your nearest emergency clinic. If the tooth is knocked out or chipped and you have this, bring it along to the clinic with you. Apply an ice pack which will help to keep any swelling down and keep this on until you get to see the emergency dentist.

Conditions You May Not Need To See An Emergency Dentist For

There are some conditions which may not require emergency dental treatment such as if a tooth is knocked slightly out of position. Although you will need to see a dentist for this, you will be able to wait until regular practice hours before paying a visit. If you have any cuts inside your mouth or on your tongue, this is something that will not require emergency dental treatment. If the cuts or abrasions inside the mouth are severe, you will be better off paying a visit to the emergency room of your local hospital.