A Few Ways to Clean the Roof of Your Home Prior To Spring

A Few Ways to Clean the Roof of Your Home Prior To Spring

Winter season is currently at its peak and spring will be here before any of us even realize it. With spring, comes the once-in-a-year tedious task of spring cleaning. And no matter how much we might dislike it, roof cleaning is something that just simply has to be done.

Prior to the winters coming in, we’ve got autumn. And as we all know, it’s the same time of every year when trees begin to shed their leaves. A lot of these leaves will end up on your roof and once it starts snowing, you’ll have a very messy roof after the snow melts away and dries up.

An average roof cleaning costs around $490 on average if you contact a professional. But of course, you’re well-equipped enough to do it on your own. Luckily, there are some things that can turn this difficult task into an easier one. You can find these below so keep on reading:

  1. Clear the Gutters Out:

The gutters around your roof are there for a reason; they run all the excess water off your roof down into the ground. After the winters, you’ll find all your gutters clogged with ample amounts of dirt and leaves. If these gutters are left blocked, it’ll lead to water being retained on your roof, and down the line, damage it as well. 

You can easily access the gutters of your roof to unclog the drains. Just simply use a ladder to reach the drains and dispose of all the dirt you find. It’s always better to use gloves because your hands will remain clean in the process. 

  1. Wash the Tiles:

Never underestimate the power of a good washing for your roof. A high-pressure washer is ideal for this job. You can also use high-quality cleaning products to wash your roof more thoroughly. Good cleaning products will even help with the removal and regrowth of black algae. This means less frequent washing for your roof too.

Leaving your roof dirty isn’t just uneasy on the eyes but can sometimes give it a very discolored look over time as well. Washing your roof, is without a doubt, one of the more highly underrated ways to bring life and color back to it. 

If you have a roof made of metal, you’re in luck because you can even use products like bleach. Moreover, you can even mix bleach with soap. Once you’ve cleaned it with your soap and bleach solution, just rinse it with plain water and it’ll remove any unwanted algae and tough stains. If you feel you aren’t up to the task of a thorough cleaning yourself, you can always contact a professional that specializes in standing seam metal roofing for help.

  1. Clean Your Roof’s Inner Side:

Cleaning the inside of your roof is equally as important compared to cleaning it on the outside. One of the less-complicated ways to go about this is simply by dusting it or using a vacuum cleaner. Simply go into your attic and start cleaning. You’ll probably find grime, dirt, and dust. Apart from that, you also might want to check the insulation because you might find dead insects and whatnot in there. Again, just use a vacuum cleaner and you should be good to go.

  1. Clean Your Chimney:

If you have a chimney, you’re probably using it to light a fire during these cold winters. But once the winters are gone, you’ll be left with a lot of dirt and ash in there. Just sweep it the best you can but if you feel that you need an expert’s help, feel free to contact a professional.

  1. Check for Roof Damage:

Cleaning your roof also gives you the perfect chance to carefully inspect it for any damages. You might find cracks, holes, or even missing/broken tiles. You also might get the chance to inspect the insulation if there’s any damage to it. 

Even if there isn’t any damage, it’s always a good thing to be sure. But it’s during cleaning that many people often find roof damages so severe that they have to opt for entire roof replacements. 

Cleaning your roof is an important aspect to look at when it comes to the overall maintenance of your home. If you want that your home experiences lesser wear and tear, this is certainly one of the ways to do it. Winter will be coming to an end soon and with this guide, you now know what to do next once they have. As mentioned earlier, if you feel you aren’t up to the task and don’t mind spending some money, you could always contact an expert.


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