Sesame Ginger Tofu Summer Rolls

Sesame Ginger Tofu Summer Rolls


I’ve recently become addicted to Summer Rolls as they are easy to make and are a healthy dining option for a snack,  quick lunch, appetizer, or even dinner.  Using rice paper, vegetables are often rolled up with a protein and then the yummy handheld wraps can be dipped in a savory sauce.

As I’m always looking for ways to cut down on food prep time yet maximize flavor, Nasoya’s Plantspired TofuBaked products are a huge time saver!

nasoya summer roll cost per serving
Price per serving is based on how much ingredients cost by amount used.

I chose the Sesame Ginger TofuBaked when creating these delicious Summer rolls.


The best part about TofuBaked is that it requires no pressing or draining and is a highly versatile product that can be easily used in a wide range of great-tasting, healthy and convenient snacks or meals for every eating occasion – from salads and wraps to grain or noodle bowls.

With 14g-17g of plant-based protein per serving, Nasoya’s TofuBaked is a great option for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians or anyone looking for a delicious and healthy source of protein.

Full disclaimer: I am NOT GREAT at rolling the vegetables and tofu in the rice wrappers. However, it’s still SO EASY that even my feeble attempts look great and get tons of compliments! So please do NOT be intimated by this recipe as I promise it’s actually very easy, and I’ve included some extra tips below to make things go smoother.

You Will Need:

  • 1 package of Plantspired Sesame Ginger Tofu
  • 6 round rice papers (available at many Asian food markets)
  • 1 yellow or red bell pepper
  • 2 small avocados or 1 large
  • Arugula or Spring Mix Lettuces (About 4 cups)

How To Prepare: 

(Cut in half, makes 12 rolls)

Slice the Plantspired Sesame Ginger tofu into slices about 2 inches long and 1/2 inch thick. Set aside.

Slice the bell pepper into thin strips about 2-3 inches long

Slice avocado into thin slices as well, no more than 3 inches long.

Have lettuces ready to go.

Get a large bowl or pan with WARM water in it. Lay a sheet of rice paper in it for 5 seconds.  Do NOT use HOT water or the paper will curl up and soggy quickly and it will be impossible to work with. Warm is good and do not over soak. 5-10 seconds max!

Take the slightly soften rice paper to a clean prep surface and lay it out. Put about 1/2 cup of lettuces in the center and across the rice paper circle.

Layer about 3-4 Sesame Ginger slices, bell pepper and avocado chunks on top leaving about 1/2 inch space on each side of the circle lengthwise.

Roll in the corners over the vegtable tofu mix and then taking one circle end, slowly start to roll the contents up (like making a pouch or roll!) Keep tucking it in until everything is contained. You should have a little extra rice paper space to wrap over the roll making a nice seal.

Again, rice paper is very forgiving and you do NOT have to be perfect at this ! After you do a few rolls it gets much easier!

You may serve the rolls whole, or slive in half with a sharp knife.

Serve immediate with a peanut or ginger dipping sauce.

Do not leave rolls out for over an hour or the rice paper will start to dry up.

To learn more about the different Plantspired TofuBaked products, go here:

Sweet BBQ Product Page

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To find TofuBaked in a store near you, go here:


Disclaimer: I have received product from Nasoya to play with in my kitchen. 

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