CLEVR: Morning Beverages with a Healthful Boost

CLEVR: Morning Beverages with a Healthful Boost

The folks behind Clevr are definitely on to something. I love my morning coffee, but let’s be honest, I only dig it for the caffeine boost that gives me the will to get ready for the day. However, Clevr has crafted together a magical blend of beverages from organic coffee, chai, matcha, turmeric with mushrooms, probiotics and adaptogen herbs such as Ashwagandha to make beverage time have a purpose.

This California Woman owned business also sources regenerative cocoa and obtains their coffee from a small co-operative in Colombia. They also pay their workers a higher than average wage, so it’s a product that I can totally get behind as well!

I brought a bag of the Coffee Superlatte on a recent camping trip and it was such a treat in the morning! It was flavorful like I would expect a blended coffee drink to be, but rich from the vegan creamer.

After enjoying a  cup on the peaceful farm, we decided to go on a big hike. Unlike other days, I had zero crash after my hike and felt really good!

Added adaptogens make SO much sense, especially as a morning beverage. Adaptogens have been shown to lift moods, clear minds and I know my digestive system appreciates the bonus probiotics to keep my system on track.

This beverage mix is amazing warm, or cold with ice for an afternoon treat. They also make other fun and creative drink mixes, all touting their own unique benefits.

  • Rose Cacao SuperLatte is the fanciest healthy cocoa beverage ever with Stress-soothing organic rose petals and Dopamine-boosting mucuna.
  • Golden SuperLatte single-farm turmeric, blended with organic spices, oat milk and coconut cream offers comfort and calmness.
  • Matcha SuperLatte offers zen-like focus with organic shade-grown matcha blended with oat milk and coconut cream, powered by adaptogens, mushrooms + probiotics, naturally sweetened with monk fruit.