Hot New Healthy Kid Snacks

Hot New Healthy Kid Snacks
Many new and innovative healthy snacks for kids were showcased at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit and here’s a few fun ones of interest.

Bolthouse Carrot Snack Bags

These snack-size packs of carrots (pictured above) come with an insulated section of flavoring spices that can be released when the bag is pulled apart in that one section. The spices all down and then shake the bag to coat the carrots. My daughter brought a bag to school in her lunch and the kids at her table were literally freaking out. You mean you get to shake the bag for flavoring and then eat it?  All of the kids wanted to ‘help shake the bag’ and then of course try some. Note to self – pack more of these next time.



The Grapple is an apple, that tastes like a grape. What? Yep. They take Washington apples and then put them through a  grape bath (concentrated grape flavor and pure water). The apple takes on no additional sugars or calories. They are not genetically altered in any way. The apple is as healthy as ever but now has the new exciting grape flavor. A fun party game – put a bunch of apples in a big bowl and then one or two Grapples. Have the kids find the ‘grape scented one’. It’s very obvious! It’s definitely a fun new twist on apples.

I had it in my head that apples only come from Washington. The folks in Michigan ALSO grow delicious beautiful apples, so look for the Grown in Michigan stickers on displays. Is it me, or is EVERYONE from Michigan just super nice?


I was going to put this one in my ‘Healthy Finds’ write-up because Chia is ALL the rage right now, and I’m not talking about It has Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids. Although it’s the new wonderfood on the block, getting kids to eat chia can be a challenge. These fruit squeezes have chia in them and they taste delicious. The chia seeds are swollen with juice and have a ‘Boba’ type texture in the fruit mixture. Kids will enjoy the texture and also reap the health benefits of chia. Visit their site and use the product locator tool to find a store that carries it near you .

Trick or Treat!

Packaging also seems to be as important as the actual snack in produce marketing. These Hobgoblin ‘ Pretty Lady’ grapes will be re-branded to Holiday packaging in December. Same great grapes, different bags, but kids are drawn to seasonal art (as well as parents!), so if this helps our kiddos eat more fruits and vegetables, bring on the creativity!

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