Clean Mac & Cheese – Goodles Review

Clean Mac & Cheese – Goodles Review

Mac & Cheese is no doubt a comfort food, so I was SO stoked to try ‘better for you’ brand Goodles. Goodles are noodles made with organic vegetables like kale, spinach & maitake mushrooms, prebiotic flour (to support gut health) and real cheese (not fakey dyed stuff).

Each cup packs 15 grams of protein, so it’s by far a superior choice to #basic mac n cheese. There’s NO sacrificing in taste either. I scarfed down this Mover & Shaker Mac & Cheese yesterday (cacio e pepe-inspired mac) and it was so delicious. As the noodles are made with quality ingredients, there are 25% LESS calories than the leading brand. Goodles is actually the FIRST mac & cheese brand to receive the Clean Label Purity Award, and that’s no small feat!

The other cool thing? It’s literally recommended by Wonder Woman. 🙂 Gal Gadot is a founding partner!

The Goodle team not only created a noodle that is the perfect combination of unbelievably yummy taste, rich in nutrients, but they also formed a larger Gooder movement to mobilize people to make, be and do gooder through small, meaningful acts.

They offer other yum varieties such as Shella Good (white cheddar), Cheddy Mac (creamy creddar) and Twist My Parm (asiago & parmesan spirals).  Goodles are super easy to prepare on the stove and you can be enjoying hot yummy mac & cheese in less than 15 minutes!

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