Today’s The Day With GooGone!

Today’s The Day With GooGone!

There are always endless things to clean and fix around my house. The yard needs constant maintenance as we live under a giant Torrey Pine that rains pine needles and sap upon us.  My daughter and her friends are in and out of the house and often leave a wake of debris. Dishes are seemingly endless.

With this stream of non-stop cleaning, I have learned to overlook stubborn little messes that I’ve attempted to clean before.

The orange Crayon mark on the hallway wall that my daughter did many years ago still remains. Repeated efforts to wash it with a regular household cleaning spray failed. The orange crayon mark mocks me. 

The gooey dirty mess that some scotch tape left on my front gate still remains. Another failed cleaning attempt. I’ve often considered removing the gate so I didn’t have to see it anymore.

The pine sap that builds up on my front composite deck snarkily welcomes me home every day as it sticks to my shoes. 


Today is the day these little messes are going to take a hike! With Goo Gone Spray Gel, I’m taking back my household and getting rid of the little dirt spots that annoy me on a daily basis. Freedom from Crayon, Goo and Sap!

GooGone is idea of removing stickers/labels and adhesive residue from glassware, dishes, and other hard surfaces. It’s also a perfect for at removing crayon/markers/glue from painted walls, wood tables, and other hard surfaces.

Here’s how everything played out.

The Orange Crayon

With one squirt of the Goo Gone Spray Gel, the Orange Crayon that has bothered me for almost eight years was gone. Poof! Gone. Just like that. GooGone — where have you been all my life?

Check it out:


Sap on the Deck

I have a love hate relationship with the pine tree. I love looking at the beautiful branches with birds perched in it, but I hate the clean-up aftermath. Sap is a daily battle and the giant offending sap filled tree is going to keep dripping away.

Here’s the huge pine tree that likes to rain upon our walkway and deck. As the Orange Crayon came off so easily, I decided to put GooGone Spray Gel to the test and try it on some hardened dry sap.

A good healthy squirt on my plastic TREX Deck and a little elbow grease, and that dried caked on sap was coming off . I’m thinking of ordering a separate bottle of Goo Gone Spray Gel and just leaving it on my deck. (Is that weird?) If I could just keep up on the fresh sap that drops, I will certainly irradicate my sticky mess!

Gunk on the Gate

This gate gunk is a remnant of a Halloween past when I had something taped to my gate. The sticky goo from the tape wasn’t noticeable at first, but then as it got dirty over time it stood out. I have scratched a lot of it off with my fingernail, but wanted to see if Goo Gone could just wrap this little cleaning task up.

Again, with ONE squirt and a little scrub, that annoying gate gunk was gone!


All of these cleaning tasks took me less than 10 minutes to resolve with Goo Gone Spray Gel. Years of dirty annoyances as Good as Gone in mere minutes!

To watch demo videos about other common messes that Goo Gone can remove, please click here.

Please note: Goo Gone is not intended for use on silk, leather, suede, rubber, faux stainless steel, drywall, unfinished wood surfaces, and unsealed stone
Thank you to GooGone for having such an amazing product. I now feel equiped to take on any sticky mess at home.

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