Relax with the BISSELL PowerForce Helix Vacuum

Relax with the BISSELL PowerForce Helix Vacuum

Some people relax by doing yoga, others prefer a hot cup of camomile tea. Personally, I like to vacuum. You see, I’m a serial vacuumer. Is that even a thing?

I’m not entirely sure how much vacuuming is considered NORMAL, but I do vacuum every day – sometimes twice. When I vacuum, life’s noise and crazy agenda drown out and I can blissfully tune into the task at hand. The mission on a daily basis is to capture Hair. It’s pretty much everywhere and there is a healthy supply of it provided freely!

I am the proud owner of a very fuzzy Golden Retriever mix rescue dog and a slightly crazy black cat that has a penchant for sitting on my white fabric chairs. I also have kids running though the house at any given moment, and a husband — he may actually be the worst offender when it comes to messes. 

BISSEL Vacuum Affordable

As the weather gets warmer, our doors are open more often and for longer periods of time. This means the pets and kids drag in more dirt, plants, pollen…you name it. Dirt aside, it is allergy season and if vacuuming isn’t done on a daily basis, then I’ll be picking up tissues from all the runny sneezy noses!

Although I feel as if I live inside a hair ball, I do try to stay on top of it. In fact, many of my friends will often ask me how I keep my home so clean

Well…(insert humblebrag here), I love vacuuming! I swear my house can be upside down, but if my floor is clean people will overlook the stacks of papers, books and the ginormous bag of dog food that’s been sitting out in the middle of my kitchen. (Hey, that bag is really heavy.)

After vacuuming any one of my area rugs for a few minutes, I can see the dirt and hair being trapped inside the BISSELL canister and I have a strong sense of accomplishment. I am in control of my own dirt! Woo!

BISSELL PowerForce Helix Vacuum

I love the BISSELL PowerForce Helix because it’s powerful enough to grab hair, dirt, dander, pollen and whatever *other yuck* quickly and effortlessly trap it inside the bagless chamber.  It’s also extremely affordable (under $50) and you can grab one at Walmart or online.  Not only is cleaning extremely easy with the BISSELL, but cleaning the BISSELL is also easy! Simply remove the canister tank and empty the daily dirt into a small trash bag, The filter is also washable, so no annoying parts to order or replace!

The BISSELL also has an attachment hose with brush head to allow me to quickly vacuum up any errant pet hairs that may be on my sofa as well. 

Here is a quick clip of me in my Zone. Note the endless hair running by…


Relax! You’ve Got This!

Summer is about entertaining, enjoying company and most importantly relaxing. Why spend endless hours stressing out and scrubbing when you don’t have to? Here’s a few things I do to minimize my cleaning time:

Quick Tips for a Cleaner Summer Home

  • Encourage humans (especially young humans) to wipe their feet. Even if the weather is bone dry, pollen and other plant matter will stick to shoes. 
  • Brush pets often. Daily brushing is great for their coats and they love it! It will also help keep down shedding inside the home. 
  • Forget the broom. Use your BISSELL PowerForce Helix Vacuum to clean hard wood and tile floors as well. It’s fast & you’ll exert less energy trying to sweep little bits into a pile, which will elude you anyway when you try to put them in a dust pan. 
  • Put an absorbant door mat inside your home. Door mats with the waffle-style texture, like WaterHog, absorb debris and moisture before it has a chance to make it further into your home. 
  • After your carpets are clean, take a full spray bottle of water with about 7-8 drops of essential oil (of your choosing) and spritz onto carpets, throw blankets and furniture. It’s a natural fragrance and in this diluted form, it’s safe for all. I prefer oils like Eucalpytus, Orange Oil and Tea Tree. This elixir will make your home smell great!


Many thanks to BISSELL for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to get my home ready for the summer! Now, ready to win your own BISSELL? See below! 

BISSELL is giving away five BISSELL PowerForce Helix Vacuums! To Enter, Simply Share Your Best Summer Cleaning Tips In The Comment Section Below! 

Check out the prize here!

Winners will be chosen at random by BISSELL.  (Yes, they are reading this!)

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