Pickled Vegetable Wreath with Paisley Farm

Pickled Vegetable Wreath with Paisley Farm

Every holiday I can ever remember had pickled vegetables at our family gatherings. I’m not sure if the pickled food lends back to my German heritage, or my Southern roots from the Carolinas as both places seem to love their pickled vegetables!  Pickled vegetables are great in an appetizer spread because they hold up well on a plate,  look beautiful, and the tangy herb seasoned flavors go great with many celebratory beverages and cheese!  Here’s my fun pickled vegetable wreath that your guests will love, and it’s super easy to assemble. If you have a rosemary bush, simply snip off about 20 medium size branches. Rosemary is a common herb bush grown across the country, so even if you don’t grow it yourself, you probably have a friendly neighbor that does.

Paisley Farm PIckled Vegetables

I love using pickled vegetables from Paisley Farm because they offer a great variety of colorful options which makes this holiday wreath design even more fun. Don’t forget to include the Paisley Farm Sweet Beets – Not only does the red in the beets make the wreath pop, but they have a yummy hint of cinnamon which is perfect for winter food pairings.

You Will Need:

  • Paisley Farm Brussel Sprouts – Either Dilled or Hot
  • Paisley Farm Brussel Sprouts
  • Paisley Farm Sweet Pickled Beets
  • Paisley Farm Sweet Cauliflower
  • 20 sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • a small round of a creamy style cheese such as Brie or Camembert
  • sturdy crackers

How to Prepare:

Using a round decorative platter that is somewhat flat, lay out the rosemary sprigs into a circular shape near the outer rim of the platter.

Start with one type of vegetable and disperse evenly (about 10-12 pieces). Put out the next 10-12 pieces of another vegetable, and then another until everything looks spaced out and even.

The nice thing about this self-serve appetizer is that you can quickly restock and the wreath looks fabulous and full again.

Place a creamy style cheese round in the center of the wreath with crackers and a tiny jar of toothpicks. Creamy cheese pairs very well with the tangy pickles.

Party Tip: When you are done with the rosemary wreath, wash the sprigs with warm water and pat dry. Store in a large plastic ziplock bag with a paper towel. You can recreate this wreath appetizer platter again at another upcoming party or potluck event!

Paisley Farm also makes delicious bean salads that are colorful, delicious and also great for parties. The jars also make great gifts in a food-themed holiday basket!


Click here to find Paisley Farm Pickled Vegetables and Bean Salads at a Kroger or other fine retailers near you.


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