Last-Minute Summer Party Ideas

Last-Minute Summer Party Ideas
I love entertaining and typically put a lot of effort into my party-planning. However, over the weekend I found myself scrambling to come up with food and decor for a last minute evening party. A friend pointed out that Martha Stewart and I are both ‘Leo’ babies. That would explain why I simply can’t rip oven a bag of Doritos and call it a day, although my husband encouraged me to do so. Nope! I’d combust into flames before that happened!

Here are some easy appetizers I prepared that were also beautiful and got lots of compliments. The market lights also reclaimed a part of my yard that had previously been abandoned at night!

Backyard Lighting

My husband actually put these up for me, but I was the bossy-pants that directed where I wanted them. These beautiful market lights come in a 48′ strand and fit perfectly over a stretch of grass on the side of our yard. When it gets dark, this part of our yard has been completely abandoned. However, this one strand lit up the space and the kids were playing on it all evening! They even set up croquet by themselves! Seriously my inner Martha Stewart was giddy as can be.

These market lights by Proxy Lighting are available on Amazon and come with the bulbs.* I’s a very sturdy, well-made set. I recommend getting wire either on Amazon or your local Ace Hardware store. It will keep the lights straighter and more stable over time. { Learn how you can win a set below! }


When it’s hot, light fare works best. I made a veggie and fruit platter and a Tortilla de Patatas. Here’s how to pull it together quickly!

Fruit & Veggie Platter

During the warm summer months it seems like every fruit and vegetable on the planet is suddenly available in the stores. I chose two colors and then decided only those fruits and vegetables in that color scheme were going on a platter together. Even though the mixture was ecletic, it totally worked!

Green & Purple Platter – I added some beet chips for a crunch factor. Next time I may add something like that to my platter, but put them in a small bowl. The chips touching vege got a little soggy.


Tortilla de Patatas

Tortilla De Patatas is a typical dish prepared in Spain as an easy appetizer. It may be served warm, room temperature or chilled. It’s a basic egg and potato combo that may be baked or cooked in a pan. I prefer to chill mine and then make slices and serve. This was a big hit with my guests as it’s hearty, but not heavy.

Get the Recipe Here }

*Disclosure: I received the Proxy Lighting Market Lights in exchange for an honest review, which I have provided. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.



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