Evil Skippy’s 10-Day Detox with Supreme Source® Pet Food

Evil Skippy’s 10-Day Detox with Supreme Source® Pet Food

This post was sponsored by Supreme Source® as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Years ago, we stopped at an Oregon animal shelter while on a summer road trip. We had been considering getting another cat, so we chose a known high-kill shelter so we could make a tiny difference. We entered the ‘cattery’ and at least 30 cats were lounging, sleeping, and playing. Among the peaceful kitty mix, there was one tiny black and white kitten running around bellowing. It wasn’t a cute kitten mew. It was a loud frantic bellow and it just didn’t stop. My daughter threw herself on the floor and the boat horn kitten jumped in her lap. She hugged the kitten and proclaimed that this was the one. I pointed out the two older long hair siamese cats, sleeping in the sun. I offered her those two cats in exchange for the one hot mess black and white kitten. Nope, she wanted the loud, crazy, scraggly kitten. This cat was coming home with us.

Meet Evil Skippy.

Skippy knew my daughter was his savior and has always loved her. However, he would bite and scratch my husband and I relentlessly when we would try to pet him (hence Skippy became Evil Skippy). I think he must have heard me in that cattery on his adoption day and was holding a grudge. Fast forward years later, Skippy got a nasty scratch near his eye from a fight with my other cat. It was swollen and painful, and he looked miserable. I got an antibiotic salve from our vet, and I was the one to apply it daily. This was the turning point in my relationship with Evil Skippy. From that day on, Skippy chooses to sleep on me. He greets me in the morning with purrs, cuddles and a mutual head bump. We have conversations in the kitchen and he no longer has an annoying bellow, but a sweet kitty meow.

Now that my buddy is getting up there in age and has mellowed out considerably, it’s very important to me to keep him healthy. I try to buy good cat food for him, but lately, he has seemed bored with his dietary routine.

While we humans can be picky about the food we put into our bodies, we don’t always think about our what our pets are eating, let alone what they may be eating when we’re not watching! It’s time to do a little early ‘Spring Cleaning’ on Skippy’s diet, and purge out any toxins that have outstayed their welcome from winter. To jumpstart his health, I’m will putting Skippy on a 10-day detox with Supreme Source® pet food. This Superfood Switch will focus on digestive, emotional and physical health benefits.

Supreme Source is a premium grain-free, superfood diet that’s packed with healthy enzymes and prebiotics to cleanse and rejuvenate our furry friends, inside and out. It also contains a healthy blend of fruits and veggies, which are natural sources of potassium, fiber, vitamins and minerals. I found my Supreme Source®  Chicken Meal & Turkey Meal Dry Cat Food at my local Vons store, a branch of Albertson’s.


Evil Skippy and I are excited to start the 10 Day Detox, and I’ll be documenting the daily process of the “cleanse”. Supreme Source provides a guide on how to introduce the food, so in just ten days he’ll be eating better! Although he’s still fairly active and self-entertains (i.e. jumping up on top of my cabinets, knocking things off my shelves), the Supreme Source® cleanse process will give him extra natural energy.


Want to improve your pet’s mind, body and soul in just ten days?

This March and April, start your pet’s 10-day detox today – visit www.superfoodswitch.com for a free bag of Supreme Source® pet food (up to $9.99 value, while supplies last) and to sign up for daily emails with tips and instructions to a better relationship with your pet.



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