Create A Boho-Chic Outdoor Dining Space

Create A Boho-Chic Outdoor Dining Space

Do you love entertaining outside but want to have a *cooler hipper* hang out spot? Boho style garden dining areas are becoming super popular and the nice thing is that they are relatively inexpensive to set up. Spring is just about here, so now is a great time to start creating something magical!

There are certain things you will need to get your outdoor bohemian dining area down. Simple elements and a selection of bohemian furniture will all work together in your outdoor space. Knowing what to incorporate and how different parts can fit together as a whole will be covered in this article.

You will have a fully functioning bohemian outdoor oasis in no time!


Curvy Lounge Chairs

These chairs go a long way to creating that romantic comfort and relaxed feel which is key in the bohemian element. You don’t want anything too formal for your outdoor retreat. Keep the tones softer when choosing colors

Ivy Plants

Flowing plants with climbing roses or flowers of any sort can really boost your outdoor oasis. If you are not a gardener, think about getting something low maintenance or even see if you can pull off the fake plant look!

Wooden Furniture

Remember, wooden is always a central element to creating that rustic romantic feel. Save it for the table and chairs but get the cushions to add that extra bit of comfort for the seating. You don’t have to buy new – keep your eyes peeled for discards on Craigslist on the free section!

Bright Patterned Cushions

Choosing wonderfully patterned cushions to add to those chairs is a fun part of creating the boho feel. Keep it comfy and don’t be shy as far as patterns and shades go. You can find inexpensive fun prints on Amazon and Etsy. Just order the cover and use your own pillow inserts.

Lanterns, Macrame and Fairy Lights

A lantern-lit table is super romantic and creates a soothing ambiance around the dining table. You should also scout for spots maybe along the garden path, a fence or some trees where you can hang lighting.


Remember whatever you do, don’t forget about the lighting! It’s a small detail that makes a big difference.

A White Lace/Net Table Cloth

Over a wooden table, a white net tablecloth will work a treat. You won’t need anything too fancy as it will get dirty quickly but something subtle is good.

Floor Searing/Chunky Comfy Floor Cushions

Small floor seating or some solid cushions can be evenly spaced around a table. This is the ultimate element to complete your bohemian outdoor dining space. Even though it may not be the comfiest option for guests whilst eating, you can always store the main chairs elsewhere and keep these ones for show.

Great stuff! Now all you need to do is hit the shops, rummage through your wardrobes and go visit some retail websites. Then, you can start creating your ultimate tranquil bohemian paradise outdoors.