Cork Ornament Christmas Trees

Cork Ornament Christmas Trees
cork ornaments trees.jpg

Seriously, is there anything one can’t do with a glue gun? To make these cork ornaments, first pick out a pile that you love. They should be around the same size in length. If not, no worries. Choose at least one cork for the base of the tree.

When gluing these together, start with the top of the tree and work down.
If you have a cork that is longer than the rest, just make sure it’s flush on the FRONT side of the ornament.
I made mine with the following number per row: 1,2,3,4,3 and then I cut a fat cork (or a champagne cork works great) in half, and glued it to the bottom for a base.
After everything is dry, you can drop your tree with a ribbon.
Or, if you’re a purist – simply thread two buttons with some thick tying string and then hot glue the biggest button down to your ornament.
You can stop there, but I felt like my tree needed a little color. I had several corks that were red stained from wine. The ones that were plain I dabbed with gold or green paint. These are super easy, pretty and will be great hostess gifts attached to a nice bottle of wine. 
This is a great gift for friends who went on a wine trip! Save the corks and then the ornament has extra special meaning. Aww.

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