Taking Your Probiotics Regimen Up a Notch : Prebiotics & UTI Support

Taking Your Probiotics Regimen Up a Notch : Prebiotics & UTI Support

I’m obsessed with probiotics. I actually look forward to taking them every day, and then bark at my family to take theirs. It’s important, people! Probiotics WORK and I feel off if I forget to bring them with me when I travel. As a probiotic connoisseur and food/health blogger, I study different brands and try out new ones to see if some are better than others. Recently I noticed the trend in *additions* to probiotics, and even a larger offering of prebiotics. Do you need these extras? Let’s investigate…

Thank you to Vibranelle & Genuine Health for supplying samples to review for this blog post. 

Why take Prebiotics?

Probiotic bacteria seem to influence every aspect of your health. However, if you don’t nourish your probiotics with prebiotics, you’ll only enjoy a fraction of the benefits you could be. Prebiotics are special nutrients that beneficial probiotic bacteria thrive on.

 Nutrivee Advanced Prebiotic

Most prebiotics can give you gas and make you feel bloated. But this Nutrivee prebiotic formula offers a new, more comfortable solution in probiotic nourishment. These unique prebiotics nourish probiotic growth without giving you tummy troubles, like GAS. Prebiotics trigger probiotic growth at 71 times the pace as the traditional fiber-based prebiotic inulin.

The Nutrivee Prebiotics also work for multiple strains of probiotics throughout your digestive system. Many people experience results with hours, and not days like other prebitoics. If you don’t consume a lot of natural fiber (ALTHOUGH YOU SHOULD!), prebiotics are a great choice as well.

  • MAGNIFIES THE BENEFITS OF PROBIOTICS by supporting excellent growth of a broad spectrum of beneficial bacteria; demonstrated to support an increased rate of growth of helpful bacteria in the colon of up to 100 times; and as much as 10-fold growth in the small intestine.
  • WON’T CAUSE GAS OR BLOATING because our advanced prebiotic formula is not fiber or starch-based unlike most formulas; is also 100% vegetarian, gluten-free and GMO-free
  • EFFECTIVE AT SMALLER DOSES so you can swallow less pills and get the same results you’d get with other prebiotic supplements
  • TAKES EFFECT WITHIN HOURS, not days or even weeks like many other prebiotics supplements
  • WORKS IN ALL REGIONS OF THE GUT, not just the large intestine, to provide comprehensive support for probiotic bacterial growth 

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Probiotics with UTI/Women’s Microbiome Support

So now that I’m well practiced in taking daily probiotics, I started to check out products that offer more than just probiotics. If I’m going to pop a pill in my mouth, I want the most bang for my buck, and the healthiest live microbes in my gut.

I started taking the Probiotic UTI because as I get older, I am more prone to bladder infections. My doctor points hormonal changes as the culprit to my lessened natural ability to fight off UTIs. In fact, she prescribed a low level dose of antibiotics so I can nip an infection in the bud. However, that route has bothered me, and I’ve been looking for natural ways to boost my body’s own immunity to UTIs.  So, I’m THRILLED to have found a probiotic that also supports my microbiome!

Genuine Health Probiotic UTI formula

The Genuine Health Probiotic UTI formula has  15 strains in a balanced formula to promote women’s gut, vaginal health and urinary tract health. IT has L. jensenii to support the vaginal microbiome, L. gasseri & L. fermentum for decreasing vaginal pH, L. rhamnosus for antimicrobial support against uropathogens, and Lactococcus lactis for healthy skin support. 

This product is also shelf-stable, and its unique plastic-free delayed-release capsule for targeted delivery – delivers up to 10x the bacteria to the gut. 

Shop Genuine Health Probiotic UTI Here (There’s also a MOOD variety with gut bacteria to improve sleep quality and reduce stress!)