Get Your Kids Outside with EcoFarms Heirloom Seed Kits

Get Your Kids Outside with EcoFarms Heirloom Seed Kits
I’m happy that Pokémon Go is getting people outside and being active, but I find myself wishing that people were seeking a real life reward versus a virtual one. My best summer advice is to detach your little PokéZombies (and husbands) from the phone and engage them with good ol’ fashioned heirloom gardening!

I’ve been gardening for many years now, but our busy summer travel schedule has left my garden box looking a little sad and neglected. Gardening motivation has just come to me via the most adorable heirloom seed kits ever, produced by Eco Farms. The story behind Eco Farms seeds is even more inspiring!

Domenick of EcoFarms is a passionate seed farmer/entreprenuer looking to spread knowledge of heirloom farming one kit at a time. With his incredibly hip wild flower and vegetable seed kits, kids young and old will be engaged to grow unique products. For every five kits sold, EcoFarms donated a kit to a grade school and nursing home in New York. The seed packs transform into a project for the young and old to grow and enjoy the spirit of gardening, plus reap the rewards of their efforts!

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The WildFlower Kit comes with over fifty species of perennials, annuals, sunflowers, and daisies. Spread the seeds in pots in your house, or in an outdoor garden. When engaging children, let them make decisions and be active in the process. The first decision will be which seed selection to plant! There are choices such as Low Growers, Butterfly mix, Daisy Power, Blooming Burst and more. Once you’ve selected some seeds to sow, pick a sunny location with lots of good soil with good drainage. Plant the seeds with the kids and then have them water over time. This will really engage them and children get so excited to see plants and flowers sprouting and growing! You should start to see your plants sprout up within a couple of weeks.

Flowers can directly impact emotional well-being, productivity and even memory.

We are going to plant some wildflowers next to our vegetables. Wildflowers can attract bees which are helpful for vegetable flower pollination.  This will result in a bigger more bountiful crop!

What are Heirloom Vegetables?

Heirloom vegetables are old-time varieties, open-pollinated instead of hybrid, and saved and handed down through multiple generations of families. EcoFarm seeds are open pollinated heirloom seeds, thereby preserving the taste of one hundred ten years of organic farming.

The EcoFarms vegetable seed kit comes with a nice variety of vegetables and a basic instruction card for getting your plants going.

The Kit Includes:

  • Tendersweet Carrot (50-70 seeds)
  • Red Burgundy Onion (50-70 seeds)
  • Golden Beauty Corn (7-12 seeds)
  • Long Purple Eggplant (40-50 seeds)
  • Delikatesse Cucumber (10-15 seeds)
  • Brandywine Tomato (15-20 seeds)
  • California Wonder Pepper (30-40 seeds)
  • Calabrese Broccoli  (50-60 seeds)
  • Great Lakes 118 Lettuce (30-40 seeds)
  • Utah 5270 Celery (50-60 seeds)

I am using these starter peat pods to get my seeds sprouted inside.After soaking the pods, I used a small wooden dowel to create a 1/2″ hole in the center. I then dropped in one tomato seed per hole.  (Peat pellets not included in the seed kit.)

As it’s mid summer, I’ll keep in a sunny place in kitchen with ample water. If a pod doesn’t sprout, I will re-seed an try again. Once the plants are big enough (in about three weeks), I’ll move them outside and plant the whole pod into my garden box. My soil in the box is nutritionally tapped out and has not been ammended as of late.  I’m planning to replace the topsoil with quality soil from Home Depot this week. By doing this now, I will ensure my baby plants will have a good home once transplanted!

Check your gardening zones to see when you can plant different vegetables.

To purchase the EcoFarms Vegetable Seed Kit, Click Here.

To purchase the EcoFarms Wildflower Seed Kit, Click Here. 

Thank you to EcoFarms for including me in this product reivew.

Seed Update!

It’s been two weeks and each pod that only had one seed in it, has sprouted! These must be very high quality seeds, as I have never had 100% germination success before! I will get these in the garden in two more weeks.

This post is sponsored by Eco Farms, however the opinions expressed here are that of my own.

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