Creative Hot Toys & Games for Summer 2020

Creative Hot Toys & Games for Summer 2020

Staying close to home is a safe bet right now, but chilling in place can be a summer bummer for many kids and teens. Get your kids off their phones and Netflix, and make sure to follow my social media leading up to the July 22 Virtual Sweet Suite @ Home. I’ll be there ‘virtually’ to check out all of the new toys, games & outdoor fun activities coming to market, and I’ll be posting some unboxings leading up to the event.  While I’ll be looking for entertaining and creative things for kids of all ages to do this summer, STEM focused toys have a special place in my nerdy little heart – it’s important to keep the learning going over the summer months!

Some new toys coming out that I’m excited to learn more about:

SnapCircuits lets kids build a house or building with real, working, 3D circuits, while learning how electricity travels and powers your home.
What a great thing to do to spark your child’s curiousity as to ‘how things work’ as we spend more time at home! Coming Summer 2020

Blockaroos are the sasiest building system for young learners. These soft foam magnetic blocks click together like magic, rotate 360-degrees, and always attract to each other, creating a multi-sensory experience that your kids will love! It’s never too early to introduce your child to early learning STEM toys. Blockaroo Builders give your toddler the chance to explore shapes, colors, and frustration-free stacking with soft foam blocks that are safe, easy to handle, and connect like magic. Preschool age kids will love them too as they develop engineering and creative thinking skills.

Blockaroo blocks are also safe to play with in the bath! The foam bricks float and even stick to most bathtubs due to the metal liner common inside most tubs. They keep kids learning and having fun in the bath which transforms bath time into an experience parents and kids look forward to! My little niece played with these for HOURS AND HOURS and had so much fun making the designated toy design and then making her own creations.

Blockaroo Blocks are also easy to clean. Whenever they need to be cleaned or sterilized, just pop them in the top rack of the dishwasher and they’re as good as new! How great is that!  Learn more about Blockaroos here. 

Drone Home at the PlayMonsterDrone Home is the first-ever game with a real drone, which adds a flying payoff to game play! In the exciting head-to-head competitive play, kids race to launch their aliens down ramps to get them into the drone. When an alien lands inside, it triggers the drone to start up and fly.
Drone Home Game
Because there is a delay, other players can sabotage the flight by knocking the alien out with their own aliens! When the drone eventually takes off, any aliens inside it “make it safely home”! The goal is to get rid of all your aliens! The suspense and action is intensely fun for 2 to 4 players, ages 6 and up.

Teens & College Kids 

How fun is this!! Compete with friends and family to do challenges while wearing goggles that flip your vision upside down. You’ll be laughing out loud for hours as you struggle to do simple tasks like writing your name, connecting dots, giving high-fives, and more! Not only is this super fun as a family activity, but how fun would this be for a college student going back to school in the fall? Life is going to be very different with socially distanced activities, this this upside down challenge would bring a lot of fun to campus!
vango toys
Also, check out the Atomic Power Popper (Hog Wild Toys) with sticky targets! Kids can fire away soft balls at the included sticky targets or how fun to send a few soft balls down dorm hallways – tag a friend from afar!
Both coming out August 2020 at Target, Amazon, Mastermind Toys (CAN)

Art Category

As a food blogger, how can I not be excited about the Chocolate Pen. The Chocolate Pen is an easy way for kids/teens/& even adults to write on or decorate food with designs!

chocolate pen review

It comes with various chocolates in different colors as well.

Stay tuned for more additions to this list! 


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