Why Make French Press Coffee?

Why Make French Press Coffee?
This year has been rough. Not only do I have carpool on some days at 6:50 a.m., but I have to get my 13 year old out the door and that’s no easy task. Therefore, I have really come to rely on strong coffee. Sure, I can make drip coffee, or a K Cup, but what I really need on trying sleepy-eyed mornings is a solid cup of joe. Truthfully, making French Press coffee doesn’t take any more time than making drip!

French Press coffee is an easy way to make strong delicious coffee that will perk you up, and impress your brunch friends. The method involves pouring hot water over freshly ground coffee and then straining it with press. There are no filters, no plastics and no artificial anything. It’s just you and your beans!


1. Get a really nice French Press Coffee Container. I love the FP Coffee Maker™ French Press Carafe because it’s insulated and made of beautiful stainless steel.

2. Grind up your coffee beans right before you make coffee. If you do it too soon, you may lose some of the delicious flavor compounds.

3. Make sure your French Press is clean and then put your ground coffee into the French Press Carafe.

4. Boil water (about 4 cups) and pour into the carafe. The FP Coffee Maker™ French Press Carafe is large and will hold 32 ounces of delicious coffee, which is about what I need to get my day going!

5. Wait about 3-4 minutes while the cofee seeps. Then take the Mesh Filter Strainer and slowly push down. The fit should be snug as to not allow any grounds to come through. The FP Coffee Maker™ French Press Carafe strains the coffee beautifully and out comes silky smooth rich coffee. Do not try to jam it down too fast! That defeats the purpose of yummy coffee pressing!

6. Leave the strainer in place and the top should be fitting on top of the carafe if you’ve pushed it all the way down.

7. Pour your coffee and enjoy. Luckily your coffee will stay warm in the insulated carafe, so you can go back for more.

What a beautiful way to wake up, even if your morning may have had a rocky start! This is a gorgeous way to serve coffee to a friend. What better way to brunch or have a breakfast chat that with this sleek stainless steel carafe sitting on your table!

I received the FP Coffee Maker™ French Press Carafe in exchange for an honest review which I have provided. All opinions are that of my own.


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