Succulent Pumpkins for Fall

Succulent Pumpkins for Fall
This beautiful succulent pumpkin project looks like it took a ton of time, but it’s so easy that you’ll find yourself decorating a whole pumpkin patch! This is a great project to do with friends because you can share supplies and have a nice mix of succulent clippings. Don’t forget to include a glass of wine!

You will need:

  • A Glue Gun with LOTS of extra Glue Sticks
  • Fresh Moss, Spanish Moss, Dried Moss (Dollar tree often has some or a local plant nursery.)
  • The longer strand mosses stick better with glue, but use what appeals to you.
  • Succulent clippings. Ask neighbors and friends if you can have little snips so you can have a nice big variety.
  • Pumpkins – You may use any type, but lumpy bumpy ones or ‘fairytale’ pumpkins work best.


How to Make It:

Make sure your pumpkin surface is clean and dry. Β Arrange your moss on top of the pumpkin before gluing, so you can have a game plan. After you are satisfied with your moss selection, start hot gluing down little patches.

When the moss base is secure, take little clippings of succulents and start poking them into the moss pad. Use a little hot glue on the side of a succulent clipping to secure if needed.

Arrange the succulents like you would a flower arrangement. Taller succulents often look best in the middle while lanky vine types look better off the sides.

That’s it! Make sure to pour a nice glass of wine while working with your friends! This is a creative, fun project that is relaxing and creative.

Look at what my neighbor did with this cute basket!

How to Care for Succulent Pumpkins

Mist succulents with a spray bottle every other day. Make sure the pumpkin doesn’t sit in standing water, or it will start to rot.

Once the pumpkin starts to soften on the bottom, remove the succulents from the top of your pumpkin and replant into your garden or pots. They will replant themselves!


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