What You Need to Know About Fleas on Cats

What You Need to Know About Fleas on Cats

Fleas are common parasites on cats since the fur provides a good habitat for them where they can breed. They are mostly experienced during warm seasons and their life-cycle is adaptive to both in and outdoors. 

Their small size makes it hard to notice them hence they can stay on the pet for a long time while feeding on the blood and breeding. Females can lay a lot of eggs within a short span thus increasing their population. 

Below are other important details that you should know concerning the topic. You can also view this site for more information.

How do they get them?

Fleas are mostly found outdoors and they like warm places. If your cat likes wandering outside on warm sunny days, then they are at a higher risk than those that always stay indoors. 

These parasites jump from place to place looking for a conducive host where they can suck off blood and stay undetected while breeding. The fur coating provides just that.

When a cat infested with them gets back inside the house they spread to other warm places such as the pet’s bedding where they proceed to reproduce by laying eggs. These undergo the complete life-cycle thus producing more adult fleas.

What are the symptoms and health risks?

These are general as the parasites operate the same way. The most common symptoms are licking and scratching which are a result of itchiness caused by the bloodsuckers. This is accompanied by red spots as a result of a lot of scratching and also the color of blood-filled fleas. 

If these go on for a long time then the host starts experiencing hair loss, fatigue, and loss of weight. See this link and find out how you can protect your cat from fleas.

Since they deprive the host of blood, they can cause anemia which if not treated can cause death. A good indicator of a possible anemic condition is paleness, especially of gums. This also causes fatigue due to inadequate concentration of oxygen, iron, and other components in the blood that are responsible for energy production and the proper functioning of muscle tissues. 

The weight loss is brought about by tapeworms carried by the pests. These get into the small intestine and feed on the food consumed by the host hence depriving it of the nutrients.

These parasites come with other bacteria as well which can cause severe illnesses and even fatalities. Some can simply be treated using antibiotics while others require complex procedures. 

cat scratching with fleas

What are the prevention and treatment measures?

There is a number of ways through which prevention can be ensured and treatment carried out. These include:

  • Bathing your pet – this should be done using special detergents such as flea shampoo. Ensure you bath them thoroughly to get rid of all the fleas and their eggs. You can also use a special type of comb that traps them. It should be done regularly to avoid accumulation and further spread of parasites. 


  • Spray their surroundings – all the places where the cat usually spends much time within the house and compound should be properly sprayed using disinfectants. The bedding, carpet, and other wool materials should particularly be of great concern as these are the usual hideouts. You can also go an extra step and plant a pest repellent plant such as lavender. There are also pest control experts that can help you with all these.


  • Take them to the vet – if your pet is exhibiting any of the symptoms mentioned earlier you should take them to the vet as soon as possible for a checkup. They will undergo medical inspection which includes lab tests to find out what exactly they are suffering from and then get treated. The vet can also further advise you on how to control the parasites. Click here to see a few home remedies that can help you get rid of the fleas.


Pest control is one of the things that a pet owner should know to ensure that they provide a pest-free life for them. This prevents you from spending a lot of money on drugs and treatment for them. It also ensures a happy life free of all those diseases and complications caused by pests. Knowing the behavior of the parasites which includes what they feed on, conducive environment, how they conceal themselves, and how to get rid of them plays an important role in keeping them at bay.

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