Making Fresh Chocolate Mousse

Making Fresh Chocolate Mousse
I recently received the EurKitchen Whipped Cream dispenser to review and play with and now I’m addicted to this cool tool! This whipped cream dispenser converts fresh whipping cream into beautiful pressurized cool whip, or in my case creamy chocolate mousse.

How to Prepare

I simply mixed 1 cup of fresh cream, 1/2 cup of chocolate powder and 3 tablespoons of sugar into a bowl and stirred until dissolved. I then poured the mixture into the Eurkitchen dispenser and chilled for several hours.

The dispenser must have a pressurized N2O cartridge (not included with the EurKitchen dispenser) inserted in order to create the pressure. I was a little nervous adding the cartridge so I received some help from Bored Dad. However, now that I see how it works I realize it’s seriously no big deal. The EurKitchen dispenser comes with ample instructions, so just make sure to read over everything before you begin and all is easy and fabulous.


I did have to shake the can about 8 good times to get it to firm up. If you over shake the dispenser, you’ll run the risk of hardening up the cream. However, I think you’d really have to go to town shaking it to make that happen, so don’t worry!

Look at the pretty little chocolate mousse desserts I made in seconds! Add some berries, and I’m cranking out fancy pants desserts!

The EurKitchen Whipping Cream dispenser is available on Amazon here. 

Watch the EurKitchen Tool being used!

 I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are that of my own.

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