Trends: How Stylish Window Blinds Can Enhance A Small Kitchen

Trends: How Stylish Window Blinds Can Enhance A Small Kitchen

We all dream of owning a great big kitchen replete with a preparation island and breakfast bar, but unfortunately this is not the reality for most of us. Instead, we are left with cramped spaces where even the toaster takes up too much surface area.

Small as your kitchen may be, there are tips and tricks which can be utilized to create an illusion of airiness and space. One of these comes with making the most of your kitchen window. Windows are incredibly important in this part of the house not only for light but for ventilation too. This is why accessibility is so important when it comes to dressing your kitchen window. Blinds are by far the easiest option when it comes to practicality, as they can be easily opened and closed and are very streamlined.

Colour and Patterns

Smaller spaces can be brought to life by utilizing bold colour blocks and a blind is the perfect way to integrate this into your kitchen. Alternatively, striking patterns can be an excellent way to create texture and intrigue. If you’re looking for stylish kitchen blinds UK homeowners use to enhance their kitchens, you can find a whole range of gorgeous colours and patterns online. If you have little space to spare, then you need to make use of every inch – by making your window into a feature, you can make the most out of an area that would otherwise bring darkness into the room at night. Check out modern design ideas online for some great inspiration.

If you want to bring some more natural tones into your space, why not opt for wooden blinds? These can provide a stylish edge to a plain white kitchen and look great if you have plants too.


It is important to select a style which is in keeping with your home’s interiors. For contemporary spaces, roller blinds can provide a sleek and modern look, whereas for more traditional homes slatted blinds provide the best look. You can find a whole range of contemporary and traditional styles to suit every taste. If you want to allow light to filter into your kitchen, why not opt for an opaque roller blind for a gorgeous glow? Alternatively, Roman blinds offer a lovely flowing effect, which creates a soft edge and draws the eyes up giving an illusion of space.


In small kitchens, it is often the case that windows are oddly shaped or smaller than your standard. In such cases, it can be difficult to find a blind that fits, which is why it might be a good idea to consider opting for a custom made product. This will not only look neater but will save you from giving up wall space to an oversized blind or having a blind which doesn’t quite touch the sides.


Kitchens can be notoriously difficult to clean, which is why roller blinds are ideal as they constitute a single surface that is easy to wipe down. Likewise, wooden blinds make for a great option as they are also easy to clean. Besides from upkeep, safety is also a big concern in the kitchen. If you are opting for wooden shades, go for ones with a fire-proof coating. Wooden blinds look great and can provide an excellent way to regulate heat, but they must be made safe for kitchen use – especially when you are working with a restricted space.

Selecting the right blinds for a smaller kitchen is a matter of both style and substance. By opting for blinds which complement your interiors and make the most of your precious space, you can make your windows into a key feature.