Give The Gift Of Finding

Give The Gift Of Finding

Doing a little holiday shopping right now, aren’t ya? We all are! After I spent a nice tidy sum on Christmas gifts for my husband, he reminded me not to spend ‘too much’ because he may lose his new presents. Ah, dear husband, this year I have a game plan. I am going to strap a Tile onto everything you own!
No more late appointments scrambling around the house looking aimlessly for keys, wallets, golf clubs, sunglass cases, notebooks, etc. Simply open up the Tile App and find your items!

Tile can easily hook, stick, or slide onto or into anything you don’t want to lose. They are also on SALE right now! Tile multipacks are the affordable gift for every one of your list at less than $20 each if you buy a 4-pack. They also come with a free gift pouch — no gift wrapping required.

This little Bluetooth tracker also makes a thoughtful gift for a Teacher, Hairdresser, Postman, Coach, House Cleaner, etc.


Going to a White Elephant Gift Swap or Favorite Things Party? Tile will be the most sought-after gift there!

Gift Ideas to Pair with Tile


Do you have a teenager? Then you know why you need a  Tile inside or on a backpack. Teens are notorious for leaving backpacks in the most obscure places!

Stuffed Animals

You know that stuffed animal Auntie gave your daughter over Thanksgiving? It’s now your daughter’s favorite and she would be crushed if she lost it! (Which she’ll lose in 5, 4, 3 , 2….) Add a Tile to your child’s favorite stuffed animal and banish tears!

Golf Bags & Equipment

Where are my golf clubs? Why look in every closet, garage, and car when you can just use the  Tile app?

Wallets & Purses 

If you’re going to purchase an expensive wallet as a gift, you may as well include a little ‘insurance’ policy by getting a Tile to go with it! There are different style Tiles to slide in wallets as well, from Thin to Sporty. Check them out here

Key Chains

It doesn’t matter how crazy or big key chains are. They still seem to get misplaced.  Tile Mates are great to attach to your teen’s keys! They are bound to lose them in the house, backpack or at a friend’s house. Save time in the search by attaching a Tile.



Tile can be attached to, or put on just about anything. So be creative and consider pairing a Tile with your gift this year and give the gift of finding! Click here to shop the Tile Sale.