Garage Conversion to Game Room

Garage Conversion to Game Room

This is a sponsored post by Photowall, however, the opinions and remodeling content are that of my own. 

For YEARS, we’ve talked about splitting our two-car garage and making a game room on one side so my daughter and her friends could have a fun hang out zone. Now that she’s a teenager, I was more motivated than ever to get this project going before she’s up and out of the house! Plus, I would love a ‘hang out’ zone HERE (under my surveillance) – Heh, Heh.

However, the garage was so MESSY and overloaded with STUFF, that I’d often walk in and walk back out totally unmotivated to start the dream project. Then one day recently, I received an email from PhotoWall, a Swedish company, asking if I wanted to try out some of their Photo Wallpaper or Murals. I’ve never wallpapered in my life, so the task seemed daunting.

After surfing around their fun website, I was SO MOTIVATED to try it out! This is exactly the creative ‘kick in the butt’ I needed to make a game plan for the game room! There is also a helpful video of a Dad and his little girl putting up a giant Photo Mural. If they could do it, so could we!

Choosing out a design was fun as there were SO many great choices! I chose a ‘whitewashed’ wood siding design wallpaper for the main wall, and then a cool arty digital cat for the ‘visual centerpiece’ and theme of the room. The decided theme for this new fun space? CATS & TACOS! The design was intended to feel a little 70’s/early 80’s retro nostalgia mixed in with a modern twist.

I put my order in online after measuring the length and height of my desired covered space, and my order arrived in several days! So fast!

All of the wallpaper comes in numbered sheets (in order) so you don’t have to stress out about what to put up next.

My crafty husband built a sturdy structural wall splitting the garage into two. He then installed new LED lighting and a Solar tube.

We then painted the room with a white primer. Even though we were going to wallpaper over most of it, it’s good to have a nice clean smooth primed surface to work on.

My husband and I mixed up the powdered pink glue that came with the set shipped from Sweden.


After measuring out everything and using a level to find out ‘top line’, we started to put up each numbered panel. NOTE: Our garage is OLD and has settled, so we shot a straight line with a laser level and stuck with that.

The kit is so easy to use, that we were actually done wallpapering (ALL OF IT) in less than 3 hours! Wallpapering sounds a lot scarier than it actually is.

As long as you have a smooth surface, apply glue in a thin even manner and use the great tools that provides, everything is fairly straightforward and goes fast (especially with a helper!)

The paper is THICK, quality and is definitely NOT your Mother’s wallpaper! This stuff goes on so smoothly and doesn’t kink or crinkle. So gorgeous!

When the walls were finished, we put down some great roll-out ‘wood look’ vinyl flooring from Home Depot. My husband put up some floor baseboards and moulding around the main divider wall to give it a finished look.

Now the room is essentially done and we’re starting to move games in, a big screen TV, an authentic Taco sign, an original stand-up Centipede game and other fun decor! I’m not sure who loves it more – the teens or the adults!

Thanks to the new beautiful walls and flooring, we are now going to change out the windows and door!

Thanks to PhotoWall for offering such amazing, high-quality photo wallpaper with all the tools necessary to make the job a success!  To check out PhotoWall’s great selection of wall coverings and murals, check out their website at



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