Daytripping at a San Diego Monastery

Daytripping at a San Diego Monastery

Two weeks ago, my husband and I went to a Monster Truck event – which was fun and I’m enjoying getting out of my bubble as often as possible. This weekend we decided to ventured out to Dulzura, CA (about 30 miles outside of San Diego) to visit the Madre Grande Monastery.  If this Coronavirus thing gets out of control, it would be an excellent place to bug out, man… ️

I initially found out about the Monstery from a Facebook ad for a Olive Bread making class.  I didn’t hesitate to purchase tickets – what better place to be on a weekend, than inland San Diego during Spring time when the hills are green, weather still cool and hey – we were going to learn how to make bread!

I’ve always made breads using yeast, so I was excited to see how bread is made using a starter.

Beryl taught us how to make olive bread with her beloved 8 year old a starter from the La Brea Bread company recipe. She even gifted me some, so I feel like a foster parent right now – and am a little anxious to try my own baking project with her starter, and hopefully continue to feed and grow it!

After the bread was mixed up, we went hiking in the beautiful green rocky hills. Wild purple lilac was bursting everywhere!  Upon our return, we ate a delicious freshly grilled vegetarian meal and then planted some olive trees with a blessing.

The Monks are….hippies. They don’t preach one particular religion, but the rotating stewards of this gorgeous piece of land all follow a positive path to spiritual fulfillment. This is an Order for healers, teachers, and beings with a deep connection and reverence for Nature.  Their love for the land and environment is so pure and I respect their way of life, and I must admit I left feeling a bit envious.

The visit and landscape was super peaceful – except the bordering ranch had a gun range & the gunshots would echo around the hillsides. It almost sounded like a perpetual avanlanche, so I kept eyeing the giant boulders up on the hill. However, the boulders just sat…solid, like they have for thousands of years.

The Madre Grande Monastery will be offering more events – making a rock pizza oven, classes on plants, camping, etc. Check out their website for their upcoming offerings. TIP: The 2.5 mile dirt road up the hill is not for the faint of heart. I recommend driving an SUV or truck (preferably a Monster Truck) – Wow, I’ve come full circle!

Another successful Mix It Up Saturday