Are You Struggling With Your Career Now You’re A Mom? Here Are A Few Tips

Are You Struggling With Your Career Now You’re A Mom? Here Are A Few Tips

When it comes to our careers, some of us may be able to get ahead easily. Others may struggle a little, and when you become a mom you can find that you start to lose your confidence and identity a little. It won’t be because you have no ambition or goals to achieve great things. It will be most likely because they will make common errors or struggle with things to do with their feelings and anxiety. Every person is different. 

Becoming a mom can often feel like the end of your career, but this is not the case. If you do want to go back to work or want a change in career when your children are settled with childcare, then you may be wondering how you go about getting back on track. You may also be struggling with certain aspects of your career life and find it difficult to feel confident. So with that in mind, here are some of the reasons why you may not be getting ahead in your career with a few tips to help you overcome them. 

Not able to give presentations

Public speaking can be the one thing that heightens everybody’s nerves. What is it about giving a presentation in front of people that makes you sweat so much? You are not alone. Anxiety can hit in all kinds of ways. Public speaking isn’t for everyone, but you can overcome the fear. You could listen to the old advice where you imagine everyone naked. But on a more professional level, the secret is just to remain calm. 

Being afraid to speak up

You won’t be the only person afraid to speak up. But sometimes if you can’t speak your mind then it can be seen that you are not showing initiative. If you have a point to make, and you feel it is valid then speak up and have your say. It may feel like a scary prospect, but no one can criticize you for having an opinion. Of course, there are ways of putting this across. As long as you remain professional, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t speak up.

Increasing your skill set

In all honesty if you feel confident then you can overcome many hurdles you will encounter when it comes to your career and one of the things you could look at improving on would be your skills. Perhaps taking up learning at home could be a great option for you. Looking into different certifications and qualifications you can get a degree or a TABC certification. This could even work for a change of career if you feel that the job you have right now is not for you. Maybe if you want a career in nursing, or a change of career when it comes to administration, business or accounting. There are different options you could consider and the revision of skills could boost your confidence dramatically. 

Feeling anxious under pressure

Do you feel anxious when put under pressure? Do you feel panic attacks coming on when you have too much to do and no time to do it? You will be surprised by the amount of cases of anxiety, stress and panic attacks that are related to the working environment. A great tip is to recognise the symptoms and work out the triggers, so that you can make the necessary changes. 

Coping in a high pressure situation 

One of the things that you may have struggled with in the past is coping in a high pressure situation. But as a parent, this is something that you will have grown accustomed to in your day to day life. You will be under pressure at home, sleepless nights, needing to function in difficult situations, so you can use those skills to help you in the workplace. You should feel confident knowing that you can cope with any situation in the workplace and use that confidence to excel in your career. 

Not able to take criticism constructively

Some people can think criticism is a way of having an issue with someone. But criticism is one of the true pieces of feedback you will ever receive. Taking criticism constructively means you take what you have done wrong, or what hasn’t gone well, and you learn from it. Making things better next time. No person with a successful career has got to where they are today, without having knockbacks along the way. 

Let’s hope this helps you to improve your career.