Useful things you can do while stuck at home

Useful things you can do while stuck at home

Unfortunately, even though many countries have started or will be starting their coronavirus vaccination soon, it looks like we have not seen the last of lockdown. It is likely to be many months before our lives can again return to normal. It is nice to be at home, but after a while, it can get a bit boring, to say the least. A stage that most of us reached quite a while ago. So, today, I thought I would share some ways you can use your time at home more productively and banish the boredom.

Repair that old washing machine

If you have home appliances that no longer work, which you haven’t been able to take for recycling, have a go at repairing them yourself. You can easily order appliance parts online – for example, you can get replacement parts to fix your washer here. As you will see, this company stocks over 2 million different spares. So, provided you have the make and model number of your appliance, tracking down what you need should not be difficult. If you do get stuck you can simply get in contact with them and ask for some advice. Often, they will be able to send you the parts that you need. Then all you have to do is to follow the detailed repair instructions you can easily find online.  

Do some remote charity work

Helping others always feels good. So, why not do some charity or volunteer work. There are plenty of ways to do so remotely. Everything from making items charities need to answering calls and doing admin work. To get you started, click here. Most of the work you will be asked to do is easy, but in all likelihood, you will also learn new skills. Regardless of whether you do or not, the fact that you have taken the initiative and done something like this during the crisis is sure to look good on your CV.

Invest in your education

This next suggestion is something an awful lot of you have possibly already done. But I mention it just in case you have not considered it yet. Now, is the perfect time to invest some time or money into yourself. The job market is already highly competitive and is likely to get more so over the coming year. So, it is wise to take some training courses and learn some new skills. There are plenty of high quality free, or low cost, courses that you could take. Including some that provide you with officially recognized certification or qualifications. Here are 6 possibilities for you to consider.

Invest in your wellbeing

If the previous idea isn’t suited to you, why not invest in yourself in other ways. Take a meditation challenge, try out a new form of exercise or start a healthy eating regime. 

Whatever you choose to do make sure it is something that interests you. Something you could imagine your continuing with once the coronavirus crisis is over and things start to get back to normal would be ideal.