Succulent Pumpkin Tutorial

Succulent Pumpkin Tutorial

I think I made these two years ago and blogged about it, but they’re baaaaaccckk! I love making succulent pumpkins because they make great hostess gifts and I am obsessed with the natural earthy fall decor factor. (Sorry, inflatable Halloween decor – you’re out.) You can add small spooky items like spiders or crows to make them ‘Halloween’ themed, and then pull out the spooky items and keep them through Thanksgiving! Heck, put ornaments on them, and make them Christmas pumpkins!

I invited my Dad to come over and make some with me this week because he has the awesome supply of neverending succulents growing in his yard. Take various sized succulent clippings, rinse and pat dry.

Look for flat style pumpkins as they are easier to glue moss and succulents on top off. People keep asking me how they keep so long  – these are NOT CUT! You’re simply gluing stuff on top, so the pumpkin will last a very long time!

For the ‘nest’ of moss, you can get cheap dried moss at Dollar Tree, or Michael’s Craft store has an assortment of colored moss. I like Spanish Moss that I get from the South. There are many sellers on eBay, and almost all ship priority USPS mail. Added Bonus – You can put the rest of the Spanish Moss in your trees, as it makes a great natural spooky effect!

Glue the nest of moss on. It doesn’t have to be very thick. Just enough to make a ring and let some hang on the sides.

Then starting with your biggest succulent pieces, carefully glue on with a hot glue gun.

Fill in with smaller succulent sprigs and then pop in a few holiday-themed decor if you wish.

Have fun & get creative! I try to find an assortment of succulents in different shades of greens, yellows, reds and purples.

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