Spooky Succulent Bowl Tutorial

Spooky Succulent Bowl Tutorial

As I had to re-pot some succulents out on my deck, I figured I may as well spookify them since Halloween is coming up and make a table centerpiece!

Spooky Succulent Bowl Tutorial

I found lots of Halloween themed miniatures on sale at Michael’s craft store & Amazon, but the Dollar Tree is another great option for small Halloween-themed decor and they often have bags of moss and decorative rocks.

Succulents that are rootbound, leggy or overcrowded are a good choice for replanting and re-pupping into a new larger home.


I found a cauldron pot at Michael’s Craft Store which has no drain hole, but as this is going to be decor for less than two months, the succulents will be just fine. You may use ANY pot of your choosing, just remember that if it does have a drain hole to be careful when watering inside!

I lined the bottom of the pot with rocks so there is better drainage space on the bottom. The rest of the space may be filled with existing potting soil, fine decomposed granite, or even sand.

Add about 1 cup of water to the soil/sand/granite.

Succulents do need to be watered about once a week, but just a little bit. Soggy succulents will get wilty.

Insert the miniature Halloween decor into the pot (hot glue pieces if necessary). Try to stagger bigger, taller pieces towards the back. Take some moss cover (your choice of color) and spread around the top.

I have tons of extra miniatures from Michaels left over, so I’m going to make a few extras for friends as ‘Fall’ gifts.

Looking for some Halloween miniature decor online? Check our these cute online choices:

Mini-tombstones – Spooky!


OMG! Mini-light up tombstones. I’m going to make some gifts with these this year!


Black FencingYou can cut into segments to use for multiple succulent projects.

Pack of mini-skeletons (Just cut the strings off)

Large moss pack – one big pack can easily make 4-5 succulent bowls.

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