Creative keepsakes. Special ways you can record your baby’s first year and their milestones

Creative keepsakes. Special ways you can record your baby’s first year and their milestones

It’s easy to think that babies spend most of their early life filling their diapers, drinking milk and sleeping…and while there is some truth to that statement, your baby’s first year is, in fact, one that is filled with milestones and memories.

Their first smile, first solid poop, the first time they sit up on their own, rolling over, the first time they reach for your hand…the list is probably endless. One thing all parents can agree on, however, is that this first year goes by in an instant. The days feel long but the years ahead are going to feel incredibly short which means preserving as many memories of your little ones as possible, is essential. Being able to look back on their earliest days and achievements when they’re all grown up is something that will bring you an incredible amount of joy and happiness.

So, with this in mind let’s take a look at some special ways you can record your baby’s first year and their milestones.

Canvas prints

It’s a classic and a popular option and when you check out these canvas prints from you’ll understand why. Standard photos are fine, but when you have those precious moments enlarged onto a high-quality canvas in vivid colour and razor-sharp definition, you’ll want to cover all the walls of your family home with canvas prints. Flexibility means you can choose what size canvas you really want, and even choose the wrapping option that best suits your image and your style. Click the link to find out more!  

All about “me” books

These are super cute, and you’ll enjoy making them just as much as you’ll enjoy looking back on them in the future. Simply choose a book or journal and fill it with lots of interesting information about your baby. You could even write in the book from your baby’s point of view, detailing the things they like or dislike, your baby’s measurements and their favourite things. Add plenty of photos too. You could even create one for each year of their life, as it’s a wonderful way to document their adventures. 

A scrapbook

The next step up from a baby book is to create a detailed scrapbook instead! Here you can document their life from the very beginning, starting with a scan photo and all the information given to you by your midwife, the wrist tag they wore at the hospital, the congratulations cards you received, their first baby-grow, photos of them meeting grandparents, a description of their first steps, their first wobbly tooth etc. The possibilities are endless

keepsake handprint in clay

And finally, handprint kits

There’s nothing more precious than your baby’s tiny hands and feet. But they won’t stay that small for very long! To preserve the memory of their tiny toes and fingers, try a handprint kit. You’ll find kits like these available online, with easy to follow instructions and frames to display your little one’s prints. Fast forward a few years and you won’t believe how much they’ve grown! 

Another great thing to do NOW when they are little is to start a savings account. Even if you just add a few bucks a month, this will add up to a nice lump sum of cash by the time they are 18. What a great gift for a child going off to college or perhaps buying their first car!