3 Ways to Know Your Beauty Product is Eco-friendly

3 Ways to Know Your Beauty Product is Eco-friendly

It’s time to seek out personal care products that nourish not just our bodies—but also our planet. Luckily, more and more personal care companies are committing to producing cleaner, safer cosmetics that support health and sustainability. Today, “regenerative agriculture” is a prevalent buzzword in earth-friendly food production—but it’s also making its way into beauty products.

What should you look for in an eco-friendly beauty product? Here are three key aspects:

1. Clean ingredient panel. Read ingredients carefully before purchasing. Not sure about something? Head to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, and type it in.

2. Is it certified? A few beauty companies have invested in biodynamics and, specifically, the Demeter biodynamic certification. USDA Organic and NSF/ANSI 305 “Contains Organic” certifications are more common and show that a company is committed to organic farming. More beauty companies are also becoming B Corporations, meaning they have implemented a range of social, environmental and conscious leadership practices.

3. Mission matters. Some information won’t be on a label—or in a certification, for that matter. Learn about a company’s farming practices, supply chain integrity and transparency efforts by checking out their website and social media channels and asking your natural products retailer.


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