Essential Things To Pack with Honest Teas® & Simple Truth®

Essential Things To Pack with Honest Teas® & Simple Truth®

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The school year is upon us, and if you’re like me, your calendar is already full for the foreseeable future.  I find the best way to tackle calendar chaos is to be organized, so I’ve put together an Essential Things To Pack list for busy parents who spend hours a day running errands, working and shuttling kids around until dark.

We’ve all sat there at after-school practice, for hours, wondering if it’s possible for a stomach to eat itself because are SO hungry. We’ve also sat there thirsty and parched, wanting a beverage, but yet we didn’t come prepared and the local vendor only takes cash because his credit card machine is down. We have also had to run out to grown-up events after spending a hot day in the car feeling sweaty and stale.

My Essential Things To Pack kit for busy parents is achievable, well-tested and good for your body and soul.  I’m also a full supporter of organic and natural products, so the Honest Tea® and Simple Truth® brands are often my go-to choices when I need products I like and trust.

You Will Need:

A cloth bag with a handle. Do not put these items in a plastic or paper bag. You will forget what’s in the bag and somehow it will be left somewhere, or thrown away. At least that’s what I do! (yikes)


Hydration is key when running around town, and bringing your own beverages can save time and money. When given the choice, I prefer to buy organic, fair-trade products. Therefore, I choose to stock up on organic Honest Tea® beverages to add to my Essential Things To Pack kit. Honest Tea is real brewed with real ingredients, so it has an authentic tea taste. I also love that the Honest Tea® is just a tad sweet, so they are light and refreshing. Cool tidbit of info – September was National Organic Month! However, I try to celebrate Organic Month every month!

Ralphs has a great selection of flavorful Honest Tea® beverages, so I always stock up when I do my grocery shopping.

Energy Bars

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” When I don’t pack a snack, I am left wishing I had one and then often grab something awful that will ruin my dinner, or make me feel terrible later. A solid choice for the Essential Things to Pack bag are snacks from the Simple Truth line of products available at Krogers/Ralphs. The Simple Truth Organic Trail Mix is a great option because it’s chock full of a variety of nuts and dried fruits.

I also love the Simple Truth Energy Bars because they have just the right amount of energy to get me through to dinner time and are great to have on hand for starving passengers as well! If bringing more than two, I recommend packing them all in a Tupperware container so they don’t get squished or lost in your bag.

Sweatshirt or Jacket 

Have you ever left the house in a light t-shirt when it’s in the 70’s and somehow find yourself, many hours later, in the dark for a school event or project, and realize the temperature has dropped 20 degrees? Have you then thought about putting your kid’s 5T toddler sweater on? Yes, I have.

Pack a sweatshirt or sweater that doesn’t wrinkle. Leave it in the bag, and ALWAYS restock if you take it out (and you will).

Hard Cold Cash

I use my credit card, debit card or digital payments everywhere. Many of my friends have snubbed cash by now as well. So who is the first one to be out of luck when technology goes down and it’s a Cash Only World? Pack a $20 bill. Forget it’s there. When you really need it, you will magically remember your super brainy hidden spot (which is a $20 in a plastic baggy, in your ‘Essential Things’ bag.


They are tiny, they are flat and SHOULD be everywhere, but yet when you have a blister, or your child just had a run-in with a cement sidewalk, band-aids are nowhere to be found. Pack your own big girl stash of band-aids. This means no cartoon characters, no shapes and only clear plastic strips. No more orangey brown tell-tale wound announcements. Just blend in your owie (from slicing apples too quickly this morning), and no one will notice.


Cleansing Face Wipes

Moms, go ahead and buy yourself some nicely fragranced face and body wipes. Baby wipes will get the job done, but having a natural citrus smelling wipe to clean your face, neck and anything else that feels sweaty before you dash off to the next event feels very grown-up. Citrus scent is also a natural stimulant, and at the end of the day, we need every extra ounce of energy to get to those late meetings, and celebrations.

Pack the wipes, band-aids, and cash in a plastic baggy. Not only will it keep these items organized and clean, but that plastic baggy just may come in handy as well!



At the end of the day, I leave my Essential Things bag by the front door. I can easily restock it the night before, and add any other items that I’ll need for the next day.

Meow! Where on earth do you go all day? 


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