Back-to-School Flower Vase Craft

Back-to-School Flower Vase Craft

Make this cute ‘school themed’ flower vase for your child’s teacher as a back to school gift! I only spent $4 on materials – 3 packs of pencils and one glass vase from the Dollar Tree! I had hot glue on hand and extra ribbon on hand.

Taking a hot glue gun, glue on one pencil in an upright position on the side of a flat glass cylinder vase (I found mine at Dollar Tree and they usually keep these on hand). Then using that pencil as a guide, continue to glue on additional pencils in the same manner until it surrounds the vase.


Carefully take a ribbon and measure enough to wrap around the vase. Glue to secure.

Fill with bright flowers and give as a gift! So cute!


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