A Mother’s Day Experience Mom Actually Wants

A Mother’s Day Experience Mom Actually Wants

Ok, yes. I’m writing this from my perspective, but after talking to other Moms, I can tell you that I’m onto something.  Mother’s Day commands several guttural responses from me. Here’s the first one:

It’s not that I don’t like Mother’s Day. In fact, I’ve actually had MANY great Mother’s Days. However, looking back, there have been a few that have been derailed due to MY lack of communication. Moms will typically not say anything, eat burnt toast with 1/2 stick of gloppy butter on it and then clean up what was formerly known as the kitchen.

Now that’s I’m older, wiser and crankier, I know that it’s up to me to speak up when asked, “What would you like to do for Mother’s Day?” MOMS…this is gold.

Don’t let your poor (fearful) family guess! Speak up and be specific, OR give some suggested guidelines.

Here’s what I know from speaking with other Moms that MOST of us DO NOT ENJOY:

1.) Crowded brunch buffets that resemble a feed lot vs. a sane dining environment where you can actually hear each other speak. 

Restaurants will offer Mother’s Day Brunch deals that include everything (sans alcohol typically) for a fixed (inflated) price.  They bark, “If you don’t book now, you’ll miss out!”

I say, what exactly are you missing out on? A high bill? A table smashed up against another family? Picked over buffet food where some kid left his ‘binky’ on the smoked salmon platter? Stop this nonsense!

  • Smaller, more intimate restaurants are a great option. The service will be better, the food made to order, and the noise level should be acceptable.
  • A good ol’ fashioned breakfast in bed is also a pretty good gig! Should your family ask you what you’d like to eat, take this opportunity to TELL them! Be realistic, but if you want eggs, say “Eggs would be cool”. If you want waffles or pancakes with fruit, then let them know! Family – clean up the kitchen afterwards!
  • Or, how about a picnic + an experience? Pack a gourmet lunch Mom will flip over with tasty beverages and pick a beautiful spot to eat. (Don’t forget utensils, blankets and bug spray.)

2.) Flowers – Not All Moms Love Roses

Roses are tough to nail down. If you get the wrong color, you’re dead. If you get the wrong amount, you’re also dead. Unless Mom REALLY loves roses, why not skip them and go for any of the other cool Spring blooms that are out right now.

When roses bloom on a bush, they are warm from the sun and fragrant. I could swim in rose fragrance. However, the sad ones that come refrigerated from a far off land are often slightly shriveled, small and lacking in scent.  These pre-purchased online gig flowers cost an arm and a leg too. So, unless you have the fresh rose hook-up, maybe look elsewhere.

  • Check out your local stores that sell flowers by type and in bunches. For example, here’s a bouquet I put together for less than $15 from Trader Joe’s with four flower bunch combos.

  • I chose a large flower, medium flower and two cool ‘fillers’. Not everything has to be matchy-matchy, and there are so many great blooms to choose from right now, you can actually try and put Mom’s favorite colors together!


3.) Gifts

Handmade Gifts. All day long. I still have hand-painted pots from Kindergarten, picture frames from 2nd grade and coupon books from fifth grade. I love these handmade gifts from my daughter and will keep them forever and ever.

Store Bought Gifts – If you MUST, really observe Mom over a few weeks and listen. What is she missing? Does she bark out, “This oven mitt burns my hand!” Hey, there’s a clue. Does she yell, “My flip flops are gross! I need some nice sandals for summer!” Hey, another idea!  Really if you listen CLOSELY to Mom, she’ll give you a straight-up shopping list that will last you through the Christmas season. Listen.

That’s it! I wish you luck! Remember, Mother’s Day need not be expensive. It should be heart-felt, considerate, and maybe even a little kid-free Netflix binge time wouldn’t hurt.

Happy Mother’s Day!